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Newcastle Irish Set Dancers

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Stepwork videos (Sean nos, Old Style & Set Dance step work) – see below…

An Sean Chistin Set

Antrim Square Set

Ardcar Set

Australian Half Set

In 1958 Peter McKenna started teaching what is now the Sydney Irish Ceili Dancers at the Irish National Association's Cultural Centre in Sydney. The repertoire of dances included "The Sets" consisting of six figures which we now realise is an Irish Set Dance. Its true origins are not known, but in recent years it has been renamed "The Australian Half Set".

Ballycommon Set

Ballykeale Set

Ballyvourney Jig Set

Barnane Set

Birr Set

Seit Bliain na Gaeilge

Black Valley Jig Set

Bonane Set

Borlin Set

Borlin Jenny Set

Borrowed Set

  • Composer: Paul Carr
  • Videos (Dancers from Set In Their Ways, Canberra):
         Figure 1 / Figure 2 / Figure 3
  • Set in Their Ways / Paul Carr's instructions (with links to videos)

Boyne Set

Caledonian Set

Camp Set (West Kerry)

Canberra Crooked Chain Set

Carrowbeg Set

Cashel Set

Charlestown Set

Claddagh Set

Clare Lancers Set

Connemara Jig Set

Connemara [Reel] Set

Coolnabeasoon Set

Coomhola Set

Corballa Set

Corofin Set

The Cross of the Commons Set

Cuchulainn Set

Seit Doire Cholmcille

Derrada Set

Drumbo Lancers Set

Durrow Threshing Set

East Galway Set (originally danced as a half set)

Newcastle Irish Set Dancers dances the version taught by Pat Murphy.
There is another version detailed in Tom Quinn's "Irish Dancing" book.

Fermanagh Set

Five Books Set

Glencree Set

Grianán Set

  • Composer: Kirsty Greenwood
  • A new set from Melbourne, Australia

Hunter Valley Set

Hurry the Jug

Inis Oirr Set (Half Set)

Jack Canny Half Set

Kildownet (Half) Set

Kilfenora Set

Killarney Waltz

  • Video: / The Christchurch Ballroom Dancing Club
    • Wonderful quote in the comments section:
      The Rotary Waltz is correct, (Australian New Vogue), give or take a bit for personal interpretation.  Inconsistency is human, and knowing where, and how, to be successfully inconsistent, is what makes one performer greater than another.  Carefully selecting what is important, and giving what is important more emphasis over what is less important, brings a dance to life.  In music, Baroque was replaced by Classical.  Same principle.

Knockanore Set

Labasheeda Set

Lake Macquarie Half Set

Seit Laniuish

Laois Lancers Set

Lough Allen Set

Loughgraney Set

Mazurka Set

Melleray Lancers Set

Merchant Set

Metal Bridge Lancers Set

Moate Set

Molly Malone Set

Monaghan Set

Moycullen Set

Newport Set

North Kerry Set

Old Mill Lancers Set

Plain Set

Rinkinstown Set

Sidmouth Set

  • Composer: Gerard Butler
  • No instructions or videos online yet!

Skibbereen Set

Sliabh Luachra Set

South Galway Set

The South Sligo Lancers Set

Televara Set

Templebeg Set

Termonfeckin Lancers Set

Victoria Set

West Kerry Set

Williamstown Set

Sean Nos, Old-style & Set Dance Stepwork

…some of which might be appropriate for Irish Set Dancing

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