This is a ceili dance popular in both Celtic Dance and Australian Bush Dance circles.



Two couples line up facing two couples in lines of four, either around the room in a large circle, or in lines up and down the dance floor. Each line of two couples progresses after each repetition in the direction they started to meet another line of two couples. When the formation is a line up and down the dance floor one line will stand out of the dance at each end every alternate time through, turning around to rejoin the dance in the opposite direction.


Advance and retire Join hands along each line - Advance and retire twice using 123 123 steps

8 bars

Slip sides Keeping inner hands with partner only - Each Couple slips past the other couple on their own side of the dance using 7s and 3s - Couple travelling left passes in front each time

4 bars

...and back Slip back to place using 7s and 3s, again left couple passing in front 4 bars
Swing opposite Swing with ceili hold with the person opposite

8 bars

Advance, retire & pass through Joining hands along each line - Advance and retire using 123 123 steps + Advance and pass through passing by right shoulders with the person opposite to meet a new line of four

8 bars

Repeat dance Repeat for as many repetitions as the music dictates...

32 bars

Updated: 29 January 2010