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Dance Instructions

Newcastle Irish Set Dancers conduct classes Irish dance sets including those listed below. If you wish to contact us then is probably the best way. Instructions are available (or are being prepared) for the dances listed below.

Irish Sets:

Ceili Dances:

Some other websites containing Irish Set Dance Instructions

Irish Dance Music

Traditional Irish music is used for set dancing. The main categories are:

  • Reel - in 4/4 time, usually fast, the most popular of rhythms
  • Hornpipe - in 4/4 time, but with every second beat strongly accented
  • Jig - in 6/8 (derived from the European gigues?)
  • Slide - in 6/8 time
  • Polka - 2/4 time (local to the Cork/Kerry region, similar to European polka?)

Bill Lynch's site has comprehensive details of classes, weekends and festivals, etc.
We have a separate page discussing music for dancing the Sets and some useful sources (CDs, cassettes and videos).

Newcastle Irish Set Dancers are part of the Newcastle and Hunter Valley Folk Club.

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