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War of the Ring


The location is J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. It's the 23rd day of September, 3018 in the Third Age. The clouds of war are gathering in the lands to the east. Treachery has surfaced in the fortress of Isengard; Saruman the White has shown his hand. The Nine Ringwraiths have set forth from the dark lands of Mordor.

Flung into the middle of these worldly events is a humble Hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins. The magic ring, acquired years ago by his cousin Bilbo during his travels, has been identified by the Wizard Gandalf as the One Ruling Ring, lost by the Dark Lord Sauron three thousand years ago. In vain Sauron's servants searched the lands of Middle-earth for his precious, but after remaining hidden in the Shire for 76 years, its whereabouts are no longer a secret. Armed with the words 'Shire' and 'Baggins', extracted from the Ring's former keeper, Gollum, Sauron's deadly Ringwraiths, the Nazgūl, are fast closing in.

The War of the Ring is a Test of Time scenario based on the events from J.R.R. Tolkien's classic book, The Lord of the Rings. Guide Frodo the Ring-bearer into the heart of Mordor, destroy the One Ruling Ring and with it, the Dark Lord Sauron. The scenario covers the Quest of Mount Doom, undertaken by the heroes of the Fellowship, and the battle for Middle-earth, contested by the armies of the Free Peoples, and the Dark Lord and his allies. Key to victory is the fate of the Ring.


File Description Date Size Download
WotR_v1.11.7z Version 1.11 08/09/2015 4.43 MB Download
WotR_Improvements.rar City improvement & wonder graphics for the Civilopedia 29/10/2009 4.22 MB Download
WotR_Snds.rar Sounds 08/10/2008 11.0 MB Download

Use an archiving program like 7-Zip (freeware) or WinRAR (shareware) to extract 7Z and RAR files.

Combat Animations For people who want their combat more visible, I posted a simple mod for the scenario in the Scenario League forum. A pair of crossed swords will flash over attacking units. Dead units will fade away. Animated units must be enabled under Graphic Options (Ctrl+P). If you're using the Test of Time Patch Project, you don't need this.


The map of Middle-earth.

The Map of Middle-earth

The Hunt for the Ring: Bree-land and the Shire.

Bree-land and The Shire

The Siege of Gondor.

The Siege of Gondor

The City Information screen, shown at two-thirds original size.

City Screen

The Defence Minister screen.

War Council

The Wonders section of the Civilopedia: The Forge of Mount Doom.

Wonder Info

The screen that appears when Aragorn enters the Paths of the Dead in Dunharrow. This is one of the many single-frame AVI files used to replace event-triggered text boxes. Substituting video for text frees up a considerable amount of events memory.

The Paths of the Dead