Catfish's Cave - Resources For Civilization 2: Test of Time


This section contains units I have made or modified for Civilization 2: Test of Time. Many are ancient. For a more extensive collection of units, see the Units pages on the Scenario League wiki site.

Fantasy Units

This includes stuff I produced as far back as 1999, so the quality is a bit variable. As a general rule, the material gets older the lower it's placed down the page. Most of these units have been created from photographs. My methodology can be found here. There are also a few Fairline hybrids in amongst the Lord of the Rings units; these are denoted by the 'GB' signature.

Fantasy Units 5
1st Row: 5 Hobbits/Halflings (generic, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin), 2 Rangers (Aragorn & Faramir), Warrior with horn (Boromir), Warrior/Ranger (Brand).

Fantasy Units 4
1st Row: 3 Dwarves (generic, King Dáin II Ironfoot, Gimli), 4 Elves (Spearman, Archer, Legolas, Queen Galadriel), 2 Ents/Treants (generic, Treebeard).
2nd Row: 4 Wizards/Istari (Radagast the Brown, Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf the White, Saruman the White), Swordsman, Spearman, Gondor Archer, Ranger, Rogue/Assassin.
3rd Row: Axeman, Swordsman/Corsair of Umbar, Barbarian/Dunlending, 4 Orcs (Hand Orc, Eye Orc, Orc with spear, Uruk-hai), Wolf/Warg, Wolf-rider.
4th Row: 3 Trolls (Hill Troll, Olog-hai, Olog variant), 3 Nazgűl/Ringwraiths (2 generic, Lord of the Nazgűl), Sauron the Dark Lord, The Balrog, Siege Ram (Grond).
5th Row: 2 Giant Spiders (Shelob the Great, generic), Barrow-wight, Deadman of Dunharrow, Gollum/Sméagol, Rider of Rohan, Éowyn Mounted, Éomer Mounted, Théoden Mounted.

Fantasy Units 3
1st Row: Mounted Ranger, 2 Knights of Gondor, Mounted Dúnedain, Aragorn Mounted, Mounted Elf-lord, Arwen Mounted, 2 Great Eagles (generic, Gwaihir the Windlord).
2nd Row: Grimbeorn, Werebear, Medusa/Gorgon, Vampiress, Bulette, Barbarian, Foot Knight, Axeman, Giant Rats.
3rd Row: Peasant with pitchfork, Vampire Hunter with crossbow, stakes & mandatory cigar, Shield Knight, Foot Knight, Amazon in leather bikini, Elven Sorceress, Troll (D&D style), Winged Demon, Elephant.
4th Row: Wizard, Axe-wielding Sheila in traditional battle armour, Crazed Monk, Bear, Earth Elemental, Gnoll with scimitar, Jack O'lantern, The Reaper, Yeti..
5th Row: Dwarf, Warrior Monk, Troll, Foot Knight, Swordsman, Halberdier, Sea Serpent, Shambling Mound, She-demon/Succubus.

Fantasy Units 2
1st Row: 5 Viking/Barbarian types, Sorceress, Ranger with horn, Druidess, Mummy.
2nd Row: 2 Ogres, Mind Flayer/Illithid, Skeleton, Giant, Sorceress, Owlbear, Wizard, Witch with broom.
3rd Row: Cave Troll, Wizard (the original miniature was of Gandalf, but this looks more like Moses parting the Red Sea), 2 Dwarves, Mummy (yeah, another one), Wraith, Tribal Warrior, Elf (Legolas), Berserker/Warrior.
4th Row: Rogue, yet another Sorceress type, Hydrocephalic Ogre, 2 more dudes from the Viking/Barbarian series - having this time slapped on some woad, some Nutter with skull, Longbowman, Ranger, Storm Golem.
5th Row: 4 orcs, Poncy-looking Elf (Celeborn), Ringwraith/Nazgűl, Ringwraith/Nazgűl (Khaműl), Barrow-wight, Firbolg/Giant.

Fantasy Units 1
1st Row: Spell-caster type, Sorceress, Vampire, Ghoul, Vampiress, Zombie, Ghost, Giant Bats, Werewolf.
2nd Row: 2 Giant (Bald) Eagles, Thief/Rogue, Celtic Warrior type, Pikeman, Archer, Elven Archer, 2 Knights.
3rd Row: All Warhammer knights.
4th Row: Villager, Axeman, Swordsman, King, King with sword, 4 Dwarves.
5th Row: Orc, 4 Wizards, Hero (2 versions), Dwarf, Celtic Warrior.

A screenshot of some of the more recent fantasy units:

Screenshot of Fantasy Units

Miscellaneous Game Rips

An assortment of graphics converted from game files and screenshots taken from several other PC titles.

Miscellaneous Game Rips
1st Row: Siege Tower (Age of Mythology), Treeman (Majesty), Yeti, Pandaren (Warcraft 3), Dragon (one of the Ultima games, modified from an animated GIF), Fort (Civilization 3), Fort (Rome - Total War), Cacodemon, Pain Elemental (Doom 2).
2nd Row: Battering Ram, Siege Ram, Wolf, Pavilion, Various Keeps, Churches and Cathedrals (Age of Kings).

World War II and Modern Units

All of these icons predate 2005. They are units designed by other authors, using the original 8-bit Civ2 palette, and then later 'reskinned' by me in 24-bit colour for use with Test of Time. Some have received structural modifications. The one exception is the Horsa which was drawn from scratch. The credits for the original authors are listed below.

WWII and Modern Units
GB = Gareth "Fairline" Birch Nemo = Captain Nemo Jimmy = Jimmywax
Case = Nick "Case" Dowling DV = Darth Veda ANZAC = The ANZAC
Winter = Winter Catfish = Catfish