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This site contains back issues of the electronic newsletter "The Cuicoland Express". Development and maintenance of this site is by Mark Marriott from Taree, NSW. The newsletter is a joint partnership by Marc Wickert (Tweed Heads, NSW) and Dennis Lawrenson (Taree, NSW). Both long-term fans & friends of the great Jack Bruce. The Cuicoland Express was first launched on the 18th August 2000. The name of the newsletter was derived from the tentative working title ("All Quiet In Cuicoland") for Jack's 2001 album "Shadows In The Air". Jack's first promotional concert was held in London at the Jazz Café on the 18/6/2001. Marc and Dennis were very excited when Jack announced that the name for the backing band would be The Cuicoland Express. If you would like to subscribe for free issues of the newsletter click on the email address below.
Contributing articles are most welcome and we are sure you will enjoy the journey with us. For more information about Jack Bruce check out the official Jack Bruce homepage at
The harmonica sound bite heard (if you have an mp3 player) when the home page loads is from Traintime, recorded March 8, 1968.
There's a map showing where we're from, and below that some links to friends.
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Just to give you an idea, Dennis is from Taree and Marc from Tweed Heads. A trip by road between these places takes about 6.5 hours (if you don't stop).


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