JEP is a diversified trading company and as an importer with operations across Australia and Asia Pacific.  The company is engaged in the importing, distribution, Software development outsourcing, sales and service of advanced technology products.   

As an exporter, we supply various Australia food products to different channels in Asia Pacific including chain stores, supermarkets, restaurants, food outlets and hotels.

JEP distributes and markets later design and sophisticated technological products ranging from computer accessories, digital entertainment products, Hardware & Tools, and also we supply health and beauty care products, cookware, kitchenware, housware, hardware and tools items to major corporations and retail businesses.  We carry products from fine brand names including Millia, TRULY, iTomate computer accessories, Micko home products, Billendo home appliances and MB power tools.  Four business segments on which the company concentrates are Electronic and technology, Software outsourcing, Home entertainment, and household.  

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