Highfields QLD, 105Km's due west of Brisbane CBD
646 metres above sea level

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Pictures are uploaded from 14.230 mainly, 21.340, 28.680 or
14.236 when using VK5ZW's repeater or anywhere else I may be tuned and find action.
VK8NSB runs a SSTV repeater on 28.700 usb. Look him up on QRZ.com for more info.

Antenna is a 7 element log periodic.

VK6AAL SSTV cam and also has some very usefull information and links

Live SSTV cams of Australasia

Worldwide SSTV cam gallery

MMSSTV software here by JE3HHT

Thankyou to KE5RS for the FTP widget and starting html code.

While every effort is made to control the content posted I cannot control what people choose to transmit.
As I am not at my pc all the time if a Ham transmits a questionable image I may not be able to stop it from being posted to this website.
Content of transmitted images is the responsibility of the sender.