VK4VJR Easypal Cam

Highfields QLD, 105Km's due west of Brisbane CBD
646 metres above sea level


Page refreshes when new picture uploads or press f5
Page is live but mainly operates Sunday and Monday

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Digital sstv pictures will be uploaded here when received
3.643 Lsb is active most afternoons locally from around 6pm.
During the day I leave the radio on 7.173 Lsb

Antenna used for 80 and 40 metres is a 80m loop.

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Darling Downs Radio Club Incorporated, my local radio club

Easypal software here by VK4AES

While every effort is made to control the content posted I cannot control what people choose to transmit.
As I am not at my pc all the time if a Ham transmits a questionable image I may not be able to stop it from being posted to this website.
Content of transmitted images is the responsibility of the sender.