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We are a very small business. We do not intend to make large quantities of money. Instead, we are a service to amateur and semi-professional theatrical groups. Our intention is to manufacture props of beauty or great speciality which will have a "wow" effect on both audience and actors alike.

Founded by Leigh Ladd, himself an amateur actor and semi-professional singer, (and a scientist by day), the aim is to provide an essence of speciality to actors and audiences which will encourage actors to come to a "higher plane" in their carriage: Our original Fairy Queen's staff gave the actress a sense of "power" when she wielded it, upon which the audience commented. It's hard to act like a queen when your staff comes from a $1 shop! We want to help you communicate something beautiful, and make the world a better place. For this reason we reserve the right to refuse service relating to any particular shows we may regard to be demeaning to humanity. "Grease" is one example of such a show.

We consult and manufacture specialised items with a medium to long lead-time and in principal we charge half the cost of raw materials as hire. If we hire twice, then we make our outlay back. Any more hire pays us for our time. Charges will vary: A prop unlikely ever to be used again will be charged at 100% of the materials acquisition cost to avoid heavy losses. Items likely to be very often rented may be charged at less than 50%. Purchase of props is sometimes an available option, however the costs are considerably higher, since charges will then take development time cost into account, and these are enormous. For example, the crystal staff model ATL-S002 took over 100 hours of development time, which would be charged at A$60 per hour. For this reason we discourage the purchase of any props other than those likely to be very useful to you and others, since we will attempt to divide the development cost among the larger numbers of units expected to be sold.

Our philosophy for design and manufacture of equipment for biomedical research is similar. We hope to serve a small niche in biomedical sciences with custom designed requirements in a less expensive manner. Since medical hardware is now ridiculously expensive, research is very hard to mount for small groups. Because (in spite of the government's official view of funding only large organisations) the best science is done by small groups, we would like to be able to contribute a slight increase to the chance of producing outstanding quality research, particularly where little money exists. Techniques like pneumotachography can in some cases be acomplished with one third of the cost or less when custom designed to fit in with existing equipment. Also, novel designs for special equipment and for special data analysis have been our speciality. Our current scientific data analysis software is a good example, providing automated analyses for continuous biological data acquisition systems. Acqualyse v6.3 is available for users of the propritary "Biopac" software and hardware data acquisition system. Inbuilt analysis tools are very useful, but Acqualyse has reduced data analysis times from 2 weeks per file to five seconds (depending on processor speed) in my research laboratory, and most notably being algorithm based, will always generate the same answers from analysed data. This software has already been used to analyse data for a number of significant scientific papers in anaesthetic research.

As we are a small business, we may not be able to accept all requests for manufacture that come to us. We will assess any requests and give prompt advice as to whether or not we can provide the requested service.

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