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International Beacon Reception at VK1DI

Reception of the IARU/NCDXF International Beacon Project beacons.

Location: Canberra, ACT, AUSTRALIA. Grid QF44ms
Latitude: 35 deg 15 min S, Longitude: 149 deg 3 min E.

The receiver is a Kenwood TS-480SAT

The antenna for 14-24 Mhz is a 80/40/20m trapped dipole. Despite non resonance works well receiving most bands... The antenna for 10m is a 5 element yagi 8 metres high. Usually leave pointed North towards Japan.

Radio is connected to a Compaq Laptop running Faros. Data is uploaded using Fling File Transfer every 15 minutes. I leave the program running during the day, however as this is also my operating radio it can be down at times...

This web page is based on these simple instructions.

Other Beacon Monitoring web pages are linked from the International Beacon Project Monitors site.

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