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Planetary Alerts

Dr Mr President
I am the Australian Volunteer Co-ordinator of the US-based Planetary Society and have been personally following the brilliant US planetary science missions  since the 1960s.
These missions have led to major improvements in our understanding of climate, the threat of asteroid/comet impacts with Earth and the uniqueness of the Earth as a home for life. These are all important for the long-term survival of our civilisation.
Unfortunately it seems that "long term" is not a term understood by the Office of Management and Budget and they have repeatedly slashed NASA's planetary science budget.
The thousands of Australian supporters of the Planetary Society urgently request that you:
  * Restore funding for NASA's Planetary Science Division to its historical average of $1.5 billion per year for the next five years.
  * Ensure that NASA pursues the goals defined in the National Research Council's "Decadal Survey" report for Planetary Science, including a sample return from Mars and a mission to Europa.
  * Maintain operations of existing spacecraft to ensure the highest science return on investment.

1. Billions and Billions (new),
2.Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
3. The Demon-Haunted World
4. Cosmos (TV series and book) Now available on DVD.

Diary - Planetary Events in Australia

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