Lorraine's Garden

This list was last updated Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Please be patient: A new list is being prepared!

I have a native garden covering almost 0.2ha (1/2 acre) at Houghton in the north eastern Adelaide hills.

I have spent much of the last 4 years establishing the garden, despite the questionable quality of the soil.

There are about 1000 Australian Native Plants in the garden (not counting all the massed daisies), covering about 650 different species or forms (e.g. form or colour selections) of species. Here is a list of the plants in my garden, including flower colour and flowering season. Of course, the seasons are only approximate, with some overlap often occurring.

I add or remove plants much faster than I can update this list, so the list can never be exact.
As I get the time and suitable photographs (mostly from my garden), I will add them to the list. Plants with photographs available are shown with a camera icon. Simply click on the icon to see what they look like!

Do you want to know more about the plants listed here? Most are described in Australian Native Plants Selector, a computer program for PCs written by my husband and designed to help you choose plants for almost any situation. (The number portion of the photograph files correspond to the plant number in the Selector.)

How do I check the spelling for all these botanical names? I use dictionaries for word processors, also developed by my husband, which are available on his web site. See Australian Native Plants Dictionaries

You might also like to visit the web site for the Australian Plants Society (S.A. Region, Inc)

Acacia acinacea Yellow Spring
  Acacia argyrophylla Yellow Winter/Spring
Acacia beckleri Yellow balls Winter
  Acacia cognata 'Green Mist' Yellow Spring
Acacia glaucoptera Yellow Spring
Acacia guinettii Yellow Late winter/spring
  Acacia imbricata Yellow Spring
  Acacia lasiocarpa Gold Winter/spring
Acacia pycnantha Yellow wattle Spring
Acacia rupicola Yellow Spring/summer
  Adenanthos argyreus Red Spring/early summer
  Adenanthos cuneatus Purple/red Spring/summer
  Adenanthos cunninghamii Red Spring
  Adenanthos ileticos Pink Spring
  Adenanthos meisneri Purplish red Spring/summer
Adenanthos obovatus Red tubular Winter/spring
  Adenanthos pungens Pink/red  
Adenanthos sericeus Red Spring/summer
  Adenanthos sericeus compact Red Spring/summer
  Agonis juniperina White Autumn
Ajuga australis Purple Spring/summer
  Ajuga australis purple leaf Purple Spring/summer
  Allocasuarina verticillata    
  Alpinia caerulea    
  Alyogyne hakeifolia Pink Late spring/summer
  Alyogyne hakeifolia (mauve) Mauve Spring
  Alyogyne hakeifolia 'Melissa Anne' Pink Spring
  Alyogyne huegelii "West Coast Gem" Purple hibiscus Spring/summer
  Ammobium craspedioides Yellow daisy Spring/summer
  Angophora costata White Spring/summer
  Anigozanthos 'Big Red' Red Spring/summer
Anigozanthos 'Bush Ranger' Red Most Year
Anigozanthos 'Gold Fever' Orange Late spring/summer
  Anigozanthos "Bush Pearl" Hot pink Most Year
  Anigozanthos "Yellow Gem" Yellow Spring
Anigozanthos flavidus Green Spring
  Anigozanthos flavidus Orange Spring
Anigozanthos flavidus Red Spring
  Anigozanthos flavidus Yellow/green Summer
Anigozanthos pulcherrimus Yellow Spring
Anigozanthos rufus Red Spring/summer
  Anigozanthos sp. Red Spring
Astartea fascicularis white Spring/summer
  Astroloma humifusum Red  
Austrostipa breviglumis Very fine flower Spring/summer
  Backhousia myrtifolia White  
  Baeckea astarteoides Pink Spring/summer
  Baeckea behrii White Spring/summer
  Baeckea linifolia White Summer
  Baeckea virgata White  
  Banksia ashbyi Orange Spring
  Banksia 'Giant Candles' Orange  
  Banksia baueri Brown/mauve Winter/spring
Banksia baxteri Yellow Summer and autumn
Banksia blechnifolia Brown Spring
  Banksia burdettii Orange Summer
  Banksia caleyi Red/yellow Spring/summer
  Banksia dryandroides Yellow Autumn
  Banksia ericifolia dwarf Orange Autumn/winter
Banksia ericifolia Orange Autumn/winter
  Banksia gardneri Orange  
  Banksia grandis    
  Banksia integrifolia    
  Banksia integrifolia prostrate    
  Banksia laevigatum ssp. fuscolutea Yellow/brown Summer
Banksia lemanniana Green/yellow Spring/early summer
  Banksia marginata Greenish/yellow Autumn/winter
Banksia media Yellow/brown Autumn & winter
  Banksia ornata    
  Banksia petiolaris Yellow Spring/summer
  Banksia prionotes Orange `Autumn
  Banksia media prostrate Yellow Autumn/winter/spring
Banksia nutans Yellow Summer
  Banksia oreophila (Syn. Quercifolia) Grey/green Autumn/winter
  Banksia petiolaris Yellow Spring/summer
  Banksia pilostylis Yellow Spring/summer/autumn
Banksia praemorsa Wine red Winter/spring
Banksia praemorsa Yellow Spring/summer/autumn
  Banksia prionotes Orange Autumn
  Banksia repens Yellow/brown Spring/summer
Banksia robur Yellow/green Summer/winter
  Banksia saxicola Cream Winter/spring
  Banksia speciosa Yellow Spring/summer
  Banksia sphaerocarpa Yellow Spring
  Banksia spinulosa Orange/yellow Autumn/winter
  Banksia spinulosa (Honey Pot) Orange Autumn/winter/spring
  Banksia spinulosa 'Birthday Candles' Orange/yellow Autumn/winter/spring
  Banksia spinulosa 'Coastal Cushion' Yellow Summer/autumn/winter
  Banksia spinulosa dwarf Orange/yellow Autumn/winter/spring
  Banksia spinulosa nana Golden yellow Autumn/winter
Banksia spinulosa var. collina Golden yellow Summer/autumn/winter
  Banksia victoriae Orange Summer
  Banksia violacea Violet Summer/autumn/winter
  Bauera rubioides Cerise  
  Baumea rubiginosa Brown/red Most Year
  Beaufortia schaueri Pink bottlebrush Spring/summer
  Beaufortia sparsa Red Summer/autumn
  Blandfordia grandiflora Red/yellow Summer
  Boronia clavata Yellow green cup Spring
  Boronia denticulata Pink star Spring
  Boronia heterophylla Pink cup Spring
  Boronia megastigma brown Brown/yellow Spring
  Boronia megastigma lutea Yellow cup Winter/spring
  Boronia molloyae Pink bell Spring/summer
  Boronia serrulata Rose pink cluster Spring
  Brachyscome angustifolia Mauve/pink daisy Year
  Brachyscome multifida Mauve daisy Spring/summer
  Brachyscome multifida Purple Year
  Brachyscome multifida 'Breakoday' Mauve Year, esp. spring
  Brachyscome diversifolia White daisy 4 cm Spring/summer
  Brachyscome formosa Pink/yellow Spring/summer
  Brachyscome formosa Mauve Spring/summer
  Brachyscome jumbo yellow Yellow All Most Year
Brachyscome multifida Mauve daisy Spring/summer
Brachyscome segmentosa White/yellow Spring/summer
  Brachyscome tenuiscapa var. pubescens Mauve Spring and autumn
Brachysema celsianum Red pea Spring
  Brachysema latifolium (Gastrolobium) Red pea Spring
  Brachysema latifolium prostrate    
  Bracteantha bracteata White daisy Most Year
  Bracteantha bracteata 'Sandy Beach' Yellow Spring/summer
  Bulbine semibarbata Yellow Spring/summer
Bursaria spinosa White Summer
  Callistemon 'Allyn Mist' Orange Autumn
  Callistemon 'Captain Cook' Red Spring
  Callistemon 'Eastlands' Pink Spring & autumn
  Callistemon 'Eureka' Purple/red Spring
  Callistemon 'Hannah Ray' Red Late spring
Callistemon 'King's Park Special' Deep red Spring
  Callistemon 'Little John' Dark red Most Most Year
Callistemon 'Mauve Mist' Mauve Summer
Callistemon 'Reeve's Pink' Pink Spring
Callistemon 'Western Glory' Red/pink Spring
  Callistemon citrinus Red Spring/summer/autumn
  Callistemon citrinus 'Endeavour' Red Autumn & spring
  Callistemon citrinus 'White Anzac' White Late spring/early summer
  Callistemon comboynensis Red Summer/autumn
Callistemon Harkness Red Spring/summer & autumn
  Callistemon montanus Red Late spring/summer
  Callistemon pallidus Pink Spring/summer
Callistemon Pallidus pink Mid pink Most Most Year
  Callistemon phoeniceus Red Late spring/summer
Callistemon polandii Bright red Winter/spring
  Callistemon rigidus Red Late spring/summer
  Callistemon rugulosus Red Summer & autumn
Callistemon salignus Cream Summer
  Callistemon sieberi Cream Spring & autumn
Callistemon sp. Hinchinbrook Red/gold Spring
  Callistemon speciosus Red Spring
  Callistemon teretifolia    
  Callistemon viminalis Red Spring
  Callistemon violaceous 'Lilacinus' Mauve Spring
  Calostemma luteum Yellow trumpet Summer
  Calostemma purpureum Red/yellow Summer
Calothamnus quadrifidus Red Spring
  Calothamnus quadrifidus prostrate Red Spring
  Calothamnus quadrifidus prostrate Yellow Spring
Calothamnus villosus Red Spring/summer
  Calotis scapigera White daisy Summer
  Calytrix tetragona 'Rich Pink' Pink Spring
Calytrix tetragona prostrate Pink Spring
Carex appressa Flower spikes Spring/summer
  Carex brunnea Brown Spring
  Carex fascicularis Green Spring
  Carex inversa   Spring/summer/autumn
Carpobrotus modestus Hot pink daisy Spring/summer
  Chamelaucium 'Mullering Brook' Pink  
  Chamelaucium axillare White Spring/summer
  Chamelaucium ciliatum White/pink Spring
Chamelaucium florifera X uncinatum White Spring
  Chamelaucium uncinatum Pink and white Spring
  Chamelaucium uncinatum Purple Spring
Chorizema cordatum Pink/orange pea Spring
  Chorizema diversifolium Orange red pea Spring
  Chrysocephala baxteri Cream Spring
  Chrysocephalum apiculatum Gold Summer
Chrysocephalum apiculatum Mt.William Yellow Spring/summer
  Chrysocephalum baxteri White daisy Spring/summer
  Conostylis aculeata Yellow Winter/spring/summer
  Correa 'Dusky Bells' Pink Winter
  Correa 'Mannii' Red  
  Correa 'Marian's Marvel' Pink/green Winter
  Correa 'Redex' Red/yellow Summer/autumn/winter
  Correa alba White star Winter/Spring
Correa alba var. pannosa Pink star  
  Correa backhousiana    
  Correa bauerlenii Green Autumn/winter
  Correa calycina Green Winter/spring
Correa decumbens Orange Winter
  Correa glabra Lime/yellow Autumn/winter
  Correa glabra Red Winter/Spring
  Correa glabra (Gold flowered form)    
  Correa glabra 'Big Bells' Lime/yellow Autumn/winter
  Correa glabra yellow Yellow Winter
  Correa lawrenciana    
Correa pulchella Pink Autumn/winter
  Correa pulchella (orange) Orange Autumn/spring
  Correa pulchella (pink) Pink Winter
  Correa pulchella 'Coffin Bay' Pink Winter
  Correa pulchella 'Pink Mist'   Winter
  Correa pulchella Elle    
  Correa pulchella Kangaroo Island White Winter/spring
  Correa pulchella minor Orange Winter
  Correa pulchella minor Pink Winter
  Correa reflexa Hot pink Winter
  Correa reflexa Pink/green tips Winter/Spring
Correa reflexa Red Winter
  Correa reflexa Red/green Spring
  Correa reflexa (deep creek) Yellow Winter/spring
  Correa reflexa 'Aurea' Cream  
  Correa reflexa dwarf K.I.    
  Correa schlectendalii Red  
Crowea 'Pink Blush' Pink Spring/summer
Crowea saligna Pink Summer/autumn
  Dampiera diversifolia Mauve Spring/summer
  Dampiera elata Purple Spring
  Dampiera linearis "early blue" Electric blue Winter/Spring
  Dampiera linearis 'Baby Blue' Blue Winter/spring
  Dampiera linearis 'royal purple' Purple Spring/summer
  Dampiera linearis 'Violet Princess' Purple Spring/summer
  Dampiera purpurea 2.5 Purple Spring/summer
  Dampiera rosmarinifolia Purple Spring
  Dampiera sericantha Purple Spring
  Dampiera teres Purple Spring/summer
  Danthonia caespitosa Silvery grass  
  Darwinia collina GRAFTED Yellow green Spring
Darwinia macrostegia Red bells Spring
  Darwinia macrostegia GRAFTED Red bells Spring
Darwinia oldfieldii Red clusters Winter/spring
Darwinia oxylepis Red bells Spring
  Darwinia oxylepis GRAFTED Red bells Spring
  Darwinia purpurea Purplish red Winter/spring/summer
Daviesia teretifolia Yellow pea Spring/sum/autumn
  Derwentia arenaria Blue Spring/summer/autumn
Derwentia decorosa 2cm White Star Winter/spring/summer
Derwentia perfoliata Blue stars Spring/summer
  Dianella atraxis Blue/blue fruit Spring/summer
Dianella caerulea Blue Spring/summer
Dianella callicarpa Blue Spring/summer
  Dianella revoluta Purple/yellow Spring
Dianella tasmanica Bright blue  
Dichanthium sericeum Blue/green grass Summer
  Dichanthium sericeum (Northern Lofty) Silky Blue-grass Spring/summer
  Dichondra repens (Tom Thumb) Cream/green Spring/summer
  Distichlis distichophylla Seedhead Spring/summer
Dodonaea boroniifolia Red Summer
Dodonaea subglandulifera Red Spring
  Dodonaea viscosa var. purpurea Flowers insig. Fruit summer
  Doryanthes excelsa Red clump Spring
Dryandra praemorsa Yellow Spring
  Einadia nutans (Rhagodia) Red Winter/spring
Epacris impressa Pink Winter/spring
Epacris longiflora Red/white tips Spring
  Eremaea pauciflora Orange Spring/summer
  Eremaea purpurea Purple Summer
  Eremaea violacea Violet Spring
  Eremophila 'Kalbarri Carpet' Yellow  
  Eremophila calorhabdos Pink Winter/spring/summer
  Eremophila cuneifolia GRAFTED Mauve/pink Winter/spring
  Eremophila drummondi Mauve Spring
  Eremophila maculata Pink Spring
  Eremophila maculata Purple Winter/spring
  Eremophila maculata Yellow Spring
  Eremophila maculata var. brevifolia Cerise Winter/spring
  Eremophila mirabilis Brown/orange Spring/summer
  Eremophila mirabilis GRAFTED Brown/orange Spring/summer
  Eremophila nivea Mauve Spring/summer
  Eremophila racemosa (lollypop) Orange Spring/summer
  Eriostemon 'Stardust' White star Winter/spring
  Eriostemon myoporoides White star Spring
  Eriostemon myoporoides 'profusion' White Spring
  Erochrysum palustris Yellow daisy  
Eucalyptus ficifolia    
  Eucalyptus gracilis White Spring/winter
  Eucalyptus grossa    
  Eucalyptus lansdowneana Crimson Winter/spring
Eucalyptus macrandra    
Eucalyptus nutans Red  
Eucalyptus platypus    
Eucalyptus platypus var. heterophylla    
  Eucalyptus spathulata Red  
  Eutaxia cuneata Orange pea Spring
Eutaxia obovata Yellow pea Spring
Gahnia filum    
  Glischrocaryon behrii Yellow Spring
  Gompholobium latifolium 4 Yellow pea con Spring
Gomphrena canescens Hot pink daisy Summer/autumn
  Goodenia humilis Yellow Spring/summer/autumn
  Goodenia macmillanii Pink/purple fragr. Spring/summer
Goodenia viscida Yellow Summer/autumn
Goodia lotifolia Yellow pea Spring
  Grevillea lavandulacea 'Victor Harbor' Pink  
  Grevillea 'Long John' Red Late winter/spring
  Grevillea 'Pryor's hybrid'    
  Grevillea alpina Pink Winter/spring/summer
  Grevillea alpina Grampians form Red/yellow Winter/spring
  Grevillea annulifera White Late winter/spring
  Grevillea arenaria Green or red/yell. Most Most Year
  Grevillea asplenifolia Red Most Year
  Grevillea banksii Red Late winter/spring
  Grevillea barklyana Pink Winter/spring
  Grevillea baueri Red  
  Grevillea beardiana GRAFTED Red Spring/summer
  Grevillea bipinnatifida Red 8" Winter/mainly Spring
Grevillea biternata    
  Grevillea brachystachya Yellow/red Winter/spring/summer
  Grevillea bronwenae Red Winter/spring
Grevillea 'Bronze Rambler' Red Spring
  Grevillea cagiana Red Winter/spring/summer
  Grevillea candelabroides GRAFTED White Summer
  Grevillea canning classic GRAFTED Bright orange Spring/summer
Grevillea chrysophaea GRAFTED Yellow Spring
  Grevillea confertifolia Pink Spring/summer
Grevillea crithmifolia    
  Grevillea crithmifolia prostrate White Spring
Grevillea curviloba White Spring
  Grevillea delta Red Winter/spring
  Grevillea depauperata (large flower) Red Winter/Spring
Grevillea dielsiana Apricot/yellow Spring/summer
  Grevillea dielsiana Red Spring/early summer
  Grevillea disjuncta Red Winter/spring
  Grevillea dryandroides GRAFTED Red Winter/spring
Grevillea endlicheriana White/pink Most Most Year
  Grevillea eriobotrya GRAFTED White Spring/summer
  Grevillea eriostachya GRAFTED Yellow Most Year Peak spring
  Grevillea flexuosa Yellow stems Spring/summer
  Grevillea fulgens Pink Spring
  Grevillea georgeana GRAFTED Red/white dots Spring/summer
  Grevillea hookeriana Red Winter/spring
  Grevillea ilicifolia Red Spring
  Grevillea intricata White Winter/spring
Grevillea jephcottii Green Most Most Year
  Grevillea johnsonii Orange Spring
  Grevillea juncifolia GRAFTED` Yellow/orange Winter/spring
  Grevillea juniperina Yellow Spring
Grevillea juniperina 'Molonglo' Apricot Spring
  Grevillea juniperina red Red Most Most Year
  Grevillea kirkalocka GRAFTED Red  
Grevillea lanigera Red/yellow Spring
  Grevillea lanigera dwarf, fine leaf Pink Autumn/winter/spring
  Grevillea lanigera dwarf, fine leaf Red/yellow Spring
  Grevillea lanigera lutea Yellow Spring
Grevillea lanigera (Mt. Tamboritha) Pink L Winter/spring/summer
  Grevillea lanigera prostrate Red/yellow Spring
  Grevillea lavandulacea White/cream/pink Most Most Year
  Grevillea lavandulacea (Aldinga) Red  
  Grevillea lavandulacea (Black Range) Red Spring
  Grevillea lavandulacea (Chetwynde form) Red Winter/spring
Grevillea lavandulacea (Flinders Ranges) Dark pink Most Year
  Grevillea lavandulacea (Monarto) Red/white Winter/spring
  Grevillea lavandulacea (Mt. Barker) Pink  
Grevillea lavandulacea (Penola) Pink  
Grevillea lavandulacea (Tanunda) Pink Most Year
Grevillea leucopteris Cream/yellow Spring/summer
Grevillea levis Pink/white Winter
Grevillea macrostylis Red Spring/summer
Grevillea manglesii White feather Most Most Year
  Grevillea maxwellii Red Winter/spring
  Grevillea miqueliana Red  
  Grevillea muricata K.I. Red Spring/summer
  Grevillea nivea GRAFTED Red Most Year
  Grevillea obtusifolia    
  Grevillea oligomera - GRAFTED Red Most Year
Grevillea olivacea Orange Winter/spring
Grevillea olivacea Red Winter/spring
Grevillea olivacea Yellow Winter/spring
  Grevillea petrophiloides GRAFTED Pink Winter/spring/sporadic
  Grevillea petrophiloides GRAFTED White Winter/spring/sporadic
  Grevillea polybotrya White (Caramel)  
Grevillea quinquenervis Pink Winter/spring
  Grevillea rhyolitica Red Most Year
  Grevillea rigida GRAFTED Red Most Year
Grevillea rivularis Pink Most Most Year
Grevillea rogersii Red Spring
  Grevillea rosmarinifolia nana Red Winter/spring
  Grevillea shiresii Blue 1 " Winter/spring/summer
  Grevillea sp. 'Gum Bubbles' Pink Spring/summer
  Grevillea speciosa Red spider Most Most Year
  Grevillea speciosa GRAFTED Red  
  Grevillea stenomera Red Spring
  Grevillea superb Red Most Year
  Grevillea tenuiloba GRAFTED Orange Most Year
  Grevillea tetragonoloba Red Spring/summer
Grevillea thelemanniana Red Winter/spring
  Grevillea thelemanniana prostrate Red  
  Grevillea thelemanniana prostrate grey Red Spring
  Grevillea thyrsoides Red Most Year
  Grevillea triloba White Winter/spring
  Grevillea tripartita Cream/red Spring
Grevillea umbellulata White Spring
Grevillea williamsonii Red Late winter/spring
Grevillea wilsonii Red Spring
  Hakea ambigua Cream/white Spring
  Hakea baxteri Rusty brown  
Hakea cinerea Yellow Spring
  Hakea clavata White Spring
  Hakea corymbosa Yellow Spring
  Hakea costata White Spring
  Hakea dactyloides White Spring/summer
  Hakea denticulata Red Winter/spring
  Hakea drupacea White Autumn & winter
  Hakea elliptica White Winter/spring
  Hakea francisiana Red Spring
  Hakea gibbosa Cream Spring
  Hakea grammatophylla Red Winter/spring
  Hakea incrassata White Winter/spring
  Hakea invaginata Deep pink Spring
  Hakea laurina 'dwarf' White/red Winter/spring
  Hakea lissocarpha Pink or white Winter/spring
  Hakea lissocarpha (low form) White  
  Hakea macreana White axil Winter/spring
  Hakea minyma Cream Spring
  Hakea multilineata Pink or red Winter & spring
  Hakea neurophylla Pale Pink Winter/spring
  Hakea nitida White Winter/Spring
Hakea nodosa Yellow Autumn & winter
  Hakea obtusa Creamy white Winter
  Hakea oleifolia White Spring
  Hakea orthorrhyncha Red Spring
  Hakea petiolaris Cream Autumn/winter
  Hakea psilorrhyncha White Spring
  Hakea purpurea Bright red Winter/spring
  Hakea pycnoneura White/pink Winter
  Hakea salicifolia White Spring
  Hakea scoparia (Pink) Pink Autumn/winter/spring
Hakea sericea Pink/white Winter/spring
  Hakea suaveolens (Syn. Drupacea) White Autumn & Winter
  Hakea varia Yellow Winter/spring
  Hakea verrucosa White/red Winter
  Hakea vittata Cream Spring
Hardenbergia violacea Purple Late winter/spring
  Hardenbergia violacea alba White Late winter/spring
  Hardenbergia violacea Happy Wanderer Purple pea Late winter/spring
  Hardenbergia violacea mini Purple Late winter/spring
Hardenbergia violacea rosea Pink Late winter/spring
  Helichrysum rutidolepis 2 yellow daisy Summer/autumn
Hibbertia aspera Yellow Most Most Year
  Hibbertia cuneiformis Yellow Spring/early summer
  Hibbertia grossulariifolia Yellow Spring/summer
  Hibbertia humifusa Yellow Spring/summer
Hibbertia obtusifolia Yellow Spring/summer
  Hibbertia scandens Yellow Most Most Year
Hibiscus geranioides Pink Summer/autumn
  Hibiscus splendens Pink Spring/summer
  Hibiscus heterophyllus White/red throat Summer/autumn
  Hibiscus heterophyllus "Aureus" Yellow/red Spring
Hibiscus heterophyllus lutea Yellow Summer/autumn
Hibiscus heterophyllus (Apricot) Apricot Spring
Hibiscus trionum cream/burgundy autumn
  Homoranthus flavescens Cream/red Spring/summer
  Hovea lanceolata Mauve pea Spring
  Hovea longifolia Purple pea Spring
  Hypocalymma angustifolium White/pink Spring
  Hypocalymma cordifolium White Spring
  Hypocalymma robustum Deep pink Spring
  Hypocalymma xanthopetalum Yellow Spring/summer
  Indigofera australis Pink pea Spring
  Isolepis nodosa Brown globular Summer
  Isopogon anemonifolius Yellow drumstick Spring
  Isopogon cuneatus Pink Spring
Isopogon formosus Pink Winter/spring
Isopogon latifolius Pink Late winter/spring
Ixodia achillaeoides White papery Summer
  Juncus kraussii Brown Summer
  Kennedia beckxiana Orange/red pea Spring
Kennedia nigricans Yellow/black  
Kennedia retrorsa Cerise pea Spring
  Kennedia rubicunda Red Spring
  Kunzea ambigua White Spring
Kunzea ambigua Pink Pink Late spring/summer
  Kunzea ambigua prostrate White Spring/summer
  Kunzea baxteri Red/gold stamen  
  Kunzea flavescens Creamy yellow Summer
  Kunzea micrantha Pale pink  
  Kunzea pauciflora Pink Spring
  Kunzea peduncularis White Spring/summer
  Kunzea pulchella Red Spring/summer
  Kunzea pulchella grey Red Spring
  Kunzea sp. 'Badja Carpet' White fluffy Summer
  Labichea lanceolata Yellow/red spot Spring
  Lambertia ericifolia Orange Summer
  Lambertia formosa Red bracts Most Most Year
  Lambertia formosa (Mountain Devil) Red Year
  Lambertia inermis Yellow Spring
  Lambertia uniflora Red Spring/summer
  Lasiopetalum behrii Pink Spring/Summer
  Lechenaultia biloba 3 Blue Winter/spring/summer
  Lechenaultia formosa (orange) 2 orange Winter/spring/summer
  Lechenaultia formosa (red) 2.5 red Winter/spring
Leionema difformis Pink/white flwr.  
  Leptospermum 'Pink Cascade' Pink Spring/autumn
  Leptospermum 'Rudolph' Purple Summer
  Leptospermum horizontalis prostrate White Spring/summer
  Leptospermum juniperinum 'Horizontalis' White Spring
  Leptospermum laevigatum White Winter/spring
  Leptospermum petersonii White Spring/early summer
  Leptospermum petersonii 'copper glow' White Spring/summer
  Leptospermum rotundifolium White/pink Late Spring/summer
  Leptospermum rotundifolium Jervis Bay Pink heliotrope Late Spring/summer
  Leptospermum rotundifolia 'Julie Ann' Mauve/pink 2cm Spring/early summer
  Leptospermum scoparium nanum Hot pink Winter/spring
  Leucophyta brownii White/yellow Spring/summer
  Leucophyta brownii (miniature) Yellow Spring
  Lobelia 'Summer Skies' Blue/white Most Most Year
  Lomandra confertifolia    
Lomandra longifolia Cream Spring
  Lomatia myricoides Cream Summer
Macropidia fuliginosa Black/green Spring/summer/autumn
  Mallophora globiflora White wooly Spring/summer
  Melaleuca bracteata White Summer
  Melaleuca cardiophylla Cream old wood Spring/Summer
Melaleuca citrina Yellow Spring
  Melaleuca coccinea Red Late Spring/Summer
Melaleuca decussata Mauve Spring
  Melaleuca densa Cream  
Melaleuca diosmifolia Mauve Spring
  Melaleuca eximia Red bottlebrush Spring
Melaleuca filifolia Purple/gold Spring/summer
  Melaleuca filifolia dwarf Purple Spring/summer
  Melaleuca fulgens Orange Spring
  Melaleuca fulgens Red Spring
  Melaleuca glaberrima Profuse mauve Spring/summer
Melaleuca glomerata Profuse Cream Spring/summer
  Melaleuca holosericea Mauve Spring
Melaleuca huegelii Cream Summer
  Melaleuca huegelii Pink Early summer
Melaleuca hypericifolia Cream Summer
  Melaleuca incana    
  Melaleuca lateralis Deep pink Winter/spring
  Melaleuca linariifolia 'Snowstorm' White Spring
  Melaleuca macronychia 6 cm red Summer
  Melaleuca micromera Yellow Spring/summer
  Melaleuca nematophylla Purple Spring
  Melaleuca nesophila dwarf Purple Spring
  Melaleuca nodosa Cream Spring
  Melaleuca oldfieldii Bright yellow Spring
  Melaleuca pentagona Pink Spring
  Melaleuca pulchella Pink Spring/summer
  Melaleuca radula Apricot Spring
  Melaleuca radula Hot pink Spring
  Melaleuca ringens Creamy  
  Melaleuca ryeae Mauve pink Spring
  Melaleuca spathulata Profuse pink Summer
  Melaleuca spicigera Mauve/pink Spring
Melaleuca thymifolia Mauve claw Spring/summer
  Melaleuca thymifolia 'Cotton Candy' Pink Summer/autumn/winter
  Melaleuca trichophylla Purple Spring
  Melaleuca uncinata Yellow  
  Mentha australis    
  Microlaena stipoides Grass Spring/summer
  Myoporum floribundum White Spring/summer
  Myoporum parvifolium Purple/white Spring
  Myoporum parvifolium White Spring
  Nematolepis phebalioides Red/yellow Winter/spring
  Olearia adenophora Mauve daisy Spring
  Olearia axillaris White Spring
  Olearia ciliata var. ciliata 3 Mauve daisy Winter/spring/summer
Olearia floribunda White daisy Spring/summer
  Olearia glutinosa Mauve daisy Summer
Olearia lirata White Spring
  Olearia magniflora Purple daisy 1" All Most Year
  Olearia pannosa White/yellow 2" Spring
Olearia passerinoides White daisy Spring/summer/autumn
Olearia phlogopappa Mauve Spring
  Olearia phlogopappa Pink daisy Spring
  Olearia phlogopappa White Spring
  Olearia picridifolia x rudis Mauve daisy Spring/summer/autumn
  Olearia rudis Mauve daisy Spring
  Olearia teretifolia Small white daisy Spring
  Orthrosanthus laxus Blue Spring
Orthrosanthus multiflorus Blue Spring
Oxylobium ellipticum Yellow pea profu Spring/summer
Ozothamnus diosmifolius Cream Spring/summer
  Ozothamnus diosmifolius, petite Cream Spring/summer
  Ozothamnus obcordatus    
Pandorea jasminoides (dark pink) Pink Spring
Pandorea jasminoides White/pink Spring
  Pandorea pandorana 'Golden Showers' Yellow Late winter/Early Spring
Passiflora cinnabarina Red trumpet Spring
  Patersonia occidentalis Purple Spring/summer
  Patersonia occidentalis White Spring/summer
  Patersonia sericea Purple Spring
  Pavonia hastata White hibiscus Summer/autumn
  Pennisetum alopecuroides Silvery feathers Late Summer/autumn
  Persoonia pinifolia Yellow Summer
  Petrophile biloba Pink axil Spring
  Petrophile serruriae Cream or pink Spring
  Phebalium aff. squamulosum 'Dulcies' Yellow star (Prof) Spring
  Phebalium glandulosum Yellow Spring
  Phebalium obcordatum Cream Spring
  Phebalium squamulosum Yellow Spring
  Philotheca buxifolia White wax Spring
  Philotheca myoporoides White star Spring
  Philotheca myoporoides 'profusion' White Spring
  Pileanthus peduncularis Pink copper cups Spring
  Pimelea 'Bonne Petite' Hot pink Spring
  Pimelea ferruginea Pink Spring
Pimelea spectabilis GRAFTED White Spring
  Platylobium obtusangulum Yellow/red pea Spring
Plectranthus argentatus Blue Summer/autumn
  Plectranthus parviflorus Blue Year
Poa labillardieri    
  Poa poiformis Green Spring/summer
Poa sieberiana var. cyanophylla Grass spikelets Spring/summer
  Podolepis jaceoides Yellow 1 1/2" dais Summer
  Pomaderris obcordata "Mallee Princess" White 'pimelea' Spring
  Prostanthera 'Poorinda Ballerina' White/lilac Spring
Prostanthera aspalathoides Red & yellow Spring/summer/autumn
  Prostanthera baxteri var. sericea Mauve Spring
  Prostanthera behriana White Spring/early summer
  Prostanthera denticulata Purple Spring/summer
  Prostanthera eurybioides Mauve Spring
  Prostanthera incana Mauve Spring
  Prostanthera incisa (Syn. sieberi) Violet Spring
  Prostanthera lasianthos White Spring/summer
  Prostanthera linearis Mauve Spring
  Prostanthera magnifica Mauve Spring
  Prostanthera melissifolia Pink Spring
  Prostanthera melissifolia Mauve Mauve Spring
  Prostanthera nivea Mauve Spring
  Prostanthera nivea var. induta Blue Spring
  Prostanthera ovalifolia Purple Spring
  Prostanthera ovalifolia (compact) Mauve  
  Prostanthera rotundifolia Mauve Spring
  Prostanthera rotundifolia pink form Pink Spring
  Prostanthera rylstonii Pink Spring
  Prostanthera scheelii Purple Spring
Prostanthera scutellarioides Purple Spring
Prostanthera sieberi Mauve Spring
  Prostanthera ssp. Serpyllifolia Yellow Spring
  Prostanthera striatiflora White Spring
  Prostanthera teretifolia Syn. Staurophylla Blue Spring
  Pteris tremula    
  Ptilotus macrocephalus (Pussytails) White/pink Winter/spring/summer
  Pultenaea canaliculata Yellow pea Spring
  Pultenaea pedunculata Yellow Spring
  Pycnosorus chrysanthus Yellow Spring/summer
  Pycnosorus globosa (compact) Yellow balls Spring/summer
Pycnosorus globosus Yellow balls Spring/summer
Regelia velutina Red Spring/summer
  Restio tetraphyllus Bronze Spring/summer
  Restio tetraphyllus ssp. meiostachyus Feathers Spring/summer
Rhodantha anthemoides White daisy Summer
  Rhodantha chlorocephala subsp. Rosea White/pink/red Spring
  Rhododendron Lochae Red trumpet Spring
  Ricinocarpos 'Bridal Star' White star Spring/summer
  Rulingia hermanniifolia white  
  Scaevola 'Austraflora Fanfare' Purple fans Spring/summer
Scaevola 'Mauve Clusters' Mauve All Most Year
  Scaevola 'Purple Fanfare' Mauve Spring/summer
  Scaevola aemula Pink Spring
  Scaevola albida Verdun Blue/white Spring
  Scaevola crassifolia Blue fanfare Spring/summer
  Scaevola Fandancer Purple fanfare Most Year
  Scaevola humilis Purple fan  
  Scaevola pink Pink Spring
  Scaevola striata Purple/yellow Spring/summer
  Scholtzia involucrata Pink Spring/summer/autumn
  Scholtzia laxiflora Pink Spring
  Scholtzia spathulata Pink profuse Spring
  Senecio gawlerensis Yellow daisy Spring/summer
Senna aciphylla Yellow pea Spring/summer
  Senna artemisioides Yellow Spring/summer/autumn
  Solanum rantonnei Purple  
  Sollya heterophylla Blue, pink, white Spring/summer
Stipa elegantissima Silvery grass  
  Stipa scabra Grass Spring/summer
Stylidium graminifolium Magenta spikes Spring/summer
Stylidium laciniatum Pink trigger Spring
Stypandra glauca Blue " Winter/spring
Swainsona formosa Red/black eye Spring
Swainsona galegifolia Red pea Spring
  Syzygium australe White fluffy  
  Syzygium australe 'Bush Christmas' White fluffy Summer
  Syzygium luehmannii Red growth Spring/summer
  Syzygium wilsonii Red Spring/summer
Templetonia retusa Orange pea Winter/spring
  Templetonia retusa Red pea Spring
  Thelionema caespitosa Flax lilly Blue star Late winter/spring
Thelionema caespitosa Flax lilly White star Late winter/spring
  Thelionema grande Blue  
  Thelionema umbellatum Creamy/yellow Spring
  Themeda triandra Brown Most Year
  Thomasia purpurea Mauve/black Spring
  Thryptomene baeckeacea Pink Spring
  Thryptomene calycina White Autumn/winter/spring
Thryptomene denticulata Pink Autumn/Winter/spring
  Thryptomene ericaea White Spring
Thryptomene saxicola White Spring
  Thryptomene saxicola '.F.C. Payne' Pink Winter/Spring
  Thryptomene saxicola 'Mingenew' White  
  Thryptomene saxicola Cape Naturaliste form White Winter/Spring
  Thryptomene saxicola prostrate White  
  Thryptomene sp. DB2m W.A. Pink Winter/Spring
  Thryptomene stenophylla Deep pink Winter/spring
  Thysanotus multiflorus Mauve fringe Spring
Trachymene coerulea Blue lace Summer
  Tricoryne elatior Bright yellow Spring
Verticordia chrysantha Yellow feathers Spring/summer
  Verticordia mitchelliana Red Early summer
  Verticordia monadelpha GRAFTED Pink woolly Spring/summer
  Verticordia plumosa Pink Spring
  Villarsia reniformis Yellow  
Viminara juncea Yellow pea Spring
  Viola betonicifolia Purple Spring/summer
  Wahlenbergia communis Mauve Most Year
  Wahlenbergia sp. Manongatang Mauve Year
Wahlenbergia stricta 'double blue' Blue Spring
  Westringia 'Wynyabbie gem' Mauve Spring
  Westringia fruticosa White Most Most Year
  Westringia glabra Mauve Spring
  Westringia purpurea Mauve Spring
  Xerochrysum bracteatum Yellow Spring/summer/autumn
  Xerochrysum bracteatum Pink Spring/Summer
  Xerochrysum bracteatum 'Pink sunrise' Pink Spring/summer/autumn
  Xerochrysum bracteatum 'Sandy Beach' Yellow daisy Spring/summer

Please Note: I don't have the time to collect, treat, store or distribute seed.


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