Randell Heyman BA BSc (Hons) PhD

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Randell has lectured and currently tutors first and second year university mathematics.
Randell has presented over 75 interesting and inspiring mathematics talks to high school students and adults.
For animated videos on everything from Fourier series to How GPS works click here <more>

Randell's videos are number 1 on a Youtube search of the following:

Equivalence relations
RSA code
Euler totient function
Euler's theorem
Primitive elements
Finite fields
Modular inverse
Formulas for pi
Proof Fermat's last theorem
Proof prime number theorem

(as at 6 January 2020 through an anonymous proxy)

Interesting and inspiring talks on mathematical stories to:

Sydney Science Festival "Awesome talk by Dr Randell Heyman about the maths behind internet encrytion" - Buzz Usborne
Pint of Science talk on JPEG
Science at the Local - Blue Mountains.
Inspiring Science talk on CT Scans
Talented HSC Student Day  (Macquarie, UNSW, Sydney, UTS)
"Feedback from Teachers and Students who attended the day is excellent
with first class comments regarding your lecture."

Chatswood High School "...extremely entertaining..."
Frensham School (via Skype)
"The girls were captivated by the notions presented to them."
Emmanuel College
"...a light hearted mathematical talk dipping into modular arithmetic, prime numbers..."
Girls do the Maths (UNSW)
"Attendees cited Randell Heyman's talk as a highlight..."
Mathsoc (UNSW) "It was like ...magic!"

Some Funny/Positive Student Comments

Lecturing (UNSW)

Actl 2001
Financial Mathematics
Actl 5102
Financial Mathematics for Actuaries

Tutoring (UNSW)

Math 1131
Mathematics 1A (Algebra)
Math 1131
Mathematics 1A (Calculus)
Math 1231
Mathematics 1B (Algebra)
Math 1231
Mathematics 1B (Calculus)
Math 1081
Discrete Mathematics
Math 2400
Finite Mathematics
Math 2069
Mathematics 2A (Complex Analysis)
Math 2501
Linear Algebra
Math 2521
Complex Analysis