Randell Heyman BA BSc (Hons) PhD

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Latest News

Updated 3/2/21
Over 160 videos made to assist students during the Corona virus outbreak.

Updated 23/3/20
During the Corona virus outbreak I am making quick turnaround
videos to help educators and their students <more>

Updated 8/1/20
My videos are 1st on a Youtube search of the following
(through an anonymous proxy):
Equivalence relations
RSA code
Euler totient function
Euler's theorem
Primitive elements
Finite fields
Modular inverse
Formulas for pi
Proof Fermat's last theorem
Proof prime number theorem

Uploaded 11/3/19
My Youtube channel has been viewed over 2 million times.

Uploaded 1/3/19
My Youtube video Modular inverse made easy has been viewed over 100,000 times. 5 videos have now been viewed over 100,000 times each.

Uploaded 27/11/18
I did 3 talks to a regional NSW school.

Uploaded 12/6/18
My first video to have more than 250,000 views; The number e is everywhere

Uploaded 6/6/18
I am available to do free talks for schools and universities in some states of the U.S.A. from August to early October <more>

Uploaded 20/3/18
Three related 2nd year videos are now available; Euler's theorem made easy, Euler's totient function made easy and Fermat's little theorem made easy.

Uploaded 9/2/18
My channel now has more than 1,500,000 views (U.S.A. 28%, India 19%, U.K. 6.5%, Canada 4.4%, Australia 2.8%, Germany 2.5%, Phillipines 2.0%)

Uploaded 2/10/17
I did a talk on 'Pairwise Coprimality', at the 5th Number Theory Down Under Conference, Latrobe University, Bendigo.

Uploaded 31/07/17
I have started a new playlist, Mathematical Musings. See the first video, The limitations of mathematics.

Uploaded 13/07/17
I did a talk on artificial intelligence for a fund manager.

Uploaded 31/03/17
My channel now has more than 1,000,000 views.

Uploaded 27/05/17
My videos are 1st on a Youtube search of the following:
Chinese remainder theorem
RSA code
Euclid's algorithm
Mathematical groups
Finite fields
Modular inverse
Small O notation
Formulas for pi
Proof of Fermat's last theorem
Proof prime number theorem
How encryption works

Uploaded 27/03/17
My new video "How CT scans work" has been uploaded.

Uploaded 7/11/16
I did a talk for a fund manager on probability distributions.

Uploaded 14/10/16
My video "The number e is everywhere" has hit 100,000 views.

Uploaded 14/10/16
A comment on my talk at City Recital Hall on encryption. Click here

Uploaded 20/09/16
My new Youtube videos "Intro proof Fermat's Last Theorem" More and "Square root 2 irrational made easy" More are now available.

Uploaded 10/08/16
I am doing a talk about CT scans for Science at the Local – Blue Mountains on Aug 18. More details.

Uploaded 04/08/16
Listen to my interview on Radio National about my talk at National Science Week Click here

Uploaded 24/6/16
My first Youtube video to have more than 100,000 views - "The Chinese remainder theorem made easy"

Uploaded 21/6/16
My Youtube video "Understanding the number i" is now available. Watch it here

Uploaded 2/06/16
TALK I am doing a second talk for Frensham School by Skype. Contact me about Skype presentations.

Uploaded 16/05/16
TALK I will be talking about Encryption for the Sydney Science Festival at the City Recital Hall at 12.30 pm on Aug 15. Free.

Uploaded 12/05/16
TALK I am talking for Inspiring Science on CT Scans at the Ultimo Library at 6pm on July 13. Free.

Uploaded 10/05/16
TALK I did a talk for Pint of Science on JPEG at the Crown Hotel. Watch it here

Uploaded 8/05/16
My Youtube video Euclid's Algorithm is currently number 1 on a Youtube search of the topic. As at May 8 I have 8 videos that are number 1.

Uploaded 14/02/16
My latest Youtube video Modular Arithmetic Made Easy is now available