Some of My Family

Well, I'm proud of them.

Dr. Theo ten Brummelaar -My Dad.
Dr. Theo ten Brummelaar - My Brother.
Corry ten Brummelaar - My Auntie.

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The A.C.T. Square Dance Society.
Local club information, dances, levels, and what's on


  Tic Tac Toe JavaScript Game
  Blocks Pure Java Program
    Based loosely on a University course exercise. I programmed this to practice my Java skills.

About You:

Just experimenting with Javascript.
No harm will come to your PC.

Just For Fun

  Fractal Flyer : Fractals with a difference
  The Race: For fun
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Online Lessons

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for online lessons I have had a hand in developing.
Please feel free to make use of them.
Mathematics - Pi


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The Ker-Ly-Q's Square Dance Group.

I and my wife are Callers there.
Club information, dances, levels, and what's on
Beginners classers, Basics, Mainstream, Plus, A1, A2.

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