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Leyland OPS1 ... MMTB #372 ... is rescued!

How pleasing it is to learn that Stephen Rooke in Victoria has acquired Melbourne Metropolitan Tramways Board fleet number 372,  another Leyland OPS1 single decker with bodywork by MMTB Preston workshops.

MMTB-372-01.jpg (30627 bytes) Here are two pictures of this old campaigner, the first taken at Bendigo, Victoria in 1982 when still registered.

The second, taken in July, 2001 when Stephen took delivery.
As you can probably see, she is still alive, but not very well, although mechanically sound.
Stephen tells us that she still drives very well.

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372 was purchased by the Uniting Church in 1976 from the Melbourne Metropolitan Tramways Board.  In 1978, the bus passed into the hands of a farmer (name unknown as yet) who removed some of the seats, fitted a extra fuel tank, and drove the bus to Perth and Back. (must have been a slow trip.)  Stephen's friend, Charles Davies, bought the bus in 1982 (first picture).  He took it off the road in 1986 due to increasing rego costs.  The bus sat on his grandparents farm at Langwarrin till 1996 where it was moved to his house in Cranbourne where body repairs where started.  Years of neglect on the farm had taken its toll.  In 2000, the bus had to go when an expanding family meant house extensions, so Charles moved the bus to a friends property in Cranbourne with a view to restoring it.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for Stephen) Charles' friend made a move from Cranbourne, so the bus became his. (The second photo is of 372 unloading at his property in Bendigo).  A shed is now being construction to house the bus, with a view to a full body restoration.  The bus has other company in the shed - an ex army 1940 Ford Pickup, a 1970 Mk2 Cooper S, and a 1972 Mini Clubman GT.