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Leyland OPS1 .. MMTB 376 and her new home

....And the thing to be done was to start building a special garage suitable to house a London Transport double decker ... and also an Ex. Melbourne Metropolitan Tramways Board Leyland OPS1, fleet number 376 which, by 1976 had been rescued from becoming a hen house, mobile show room, mobile home or some such sacrilege and added to the collection.
"Tiger" chassis was delivered to the MMTB in 1946, and a year later fitted with bodywork manufactured at the Board's own workshops.   It is believed that the batch of bodies was the last undertaken by the Board in the old style of composite construction with steel panels screwed into timber/steel framing.  From then on, Commonwealth Engineering in Sydney constructed riveted steel bodies for the Board's bus fleet.
At the time 376 was purchased for preservation, 12 single deckers were up for disposal, and both 376 and sister vehicle 370 were the only vehicles with the old style of construction.   370 was bought also for preservation by a retired MMTB inspector, Alan Yungworth, and I am happy to report that late in 1998 I found that 370 is still alive and well in his care in Victoria.
A further pleasant surprise was to in 2001 discover that 372 still lived, albeit in a fairly sick state, and has been bought for preservation.  More details and pictures available from the main menu. 
376 was last overhauled at the Preston depot in February, 1963.

MMTB Leyland OPS1, number 376 (38875 bytes)

The finished garage has three bays, the centre bay boasting a 22 foot long inspection pit
which can just be seen in the picture.