The Partnership ......

The Partnership; work shapes our lives.

The way we work, the location and for whom we work, all determine where we live and who our friends are, how long we live, what kind of diseases we get and more. WORK is the key element in our civilisation, but do we consider how we could shape the way we work?

If you think that how you work is as important as how much you work for; you can benefit from this book. See through the eyes of many different peoples work. This book contains all the rules, forms and diagrams you need to start working cooperatively.

The Partnership 204 pages with Index and Rules A4 spiral bound $AU75.00 Excluding taxes and delivery. Click here for the latest Web Edition of The Partnership complete with Active Index!

The Words of Jesus Made Accessible by Headings in Alphabetical Order – a cross-referenced source on all the subjects on which Jesus spoke drawn from several translations to give different shades of meaning to his words. Photocopied at cost for those interested in this useful source . Seeking a publisher for this work, but an extract of any topic of concern to you will
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