2 mtr Ped group past years                Jim Cowan and Alf Webb VK2UC with old Urunga Trophies


Its not there.


Senior Citizens Hall Urunga Convention 2010

3.5 meg. hunt a tough one 2010

Coffs Radio Club Heaps of good stuff 2010

Fox or 6 tx NIght Hunt Len and Ingre Christensen Saturday night Dinner Bryan Ackerly, Darien Panter, Chriss Williams, Cameron Williams, Geoff Oages, Craig Martin, Rodney Somerville, Ken Golden, Carl Winkler. Girls on Rego table Mobile hunt ended at Butter Factory Bellingen 11 Arnold Austin Ken Golden ,old cups from old days.    
Ken and Robyn Golden, Carl Winkler, Matt Heritage on right Geoff Pages, Cameron Williams, Helen Williams,right side, Clifford Heath, Chris Williams    
  Saturday night dinner  convention 2014



 50 th celebrations Urunga   50 th convention cake   Arnold Austin Easter parade Urunga     A good vantage point for presentation  Craig Martin Overall Winner receiving trophy from Arnold Austin VK2ADA 2012  Ray VK2BRG and Bil VK2ZCV    Brian Slarke VK2ZCQ near van ,he kept the convention going for many years till he passed away.
                    Arnold Austin VK2ADA, Graeme Virtue VK2GJ oldest amateur 2012
         Old Urunga cups Arnold Austin VK2ADA , Peter Alexander VK2PA, Ken Golden VK2DGT Graeme O'brien VK2FA pedestrain Old Urunga trophies and display board  Laura and Arnold Austin VK2ADA  "Its in the tree" Celebrations, Snow Brian Linsley VK2BI has that one


                      Urunga Convention Commitee

Carl Winkler 2 mtrs ped. Arnold VK2ADA Cameron Williams broken sniffer 40 metre hunt 2007 Ken VK2DGT in rain (wet hounds) Rodney VK2URK, and Ken VK2DGT. "Its not under there" There're off