Happy Fox hunters Cameron Williams juniors, VK2ADA Arnold  80 mtr fox hunt Historical Radio Society and CHADARC Micaela Winkler, Arnold Austin Kitchen ladies hard at work

  2mtr Pedestrian hunt 60th  2008 Fox found Martels Road  near "Urunga" Fox Hunt Vehicles "Urunga" "No its not under there" Robert Hancock, Gordon Heyes Its here somewhere.

  Ken VK2DGT and grand kids        Kids on stage
  Its here.  Stefan, Micaela, Junior winners, Arnold VK2ADA   Ken Golden VK2DGT sat night 2008  Fred McSkimmings sat night 2008  Stefan , Micaela Winkler (juniors)  Rodney Sommerville working on foxs (VK2URK)  Steam "Foxes)  Wayne Baker and Len Christensen VK2BLZ

  Leith Martin VK2EA                                                          2 mtr ped, (Bryans allready out of sight)  

                                     60 k. camera Urunga Hwy

                                                 " Dont let this happen to you"                 

          Brian Slarke VK2ZCQ, kept the convention going for many years

                     Thanks to

                        Coffs Harbour Radio Club (CHADARC)

                        Radio Supply

                        Peter McAdam

                        Oxley Radio Club

                        "WOW" Sight and Sound

                        Rodney Somerville

                        Bryan Ackerly

                        Wendy Monk

                        Urunga Convention committee

                        and the many helpers                                               

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"Urunga" Where the Rivers meet the sea