Night Hunt: 7.45 p.m. to 8.30p.m.  ped.   6 tx's  Fox O.R. multiple freq's

                 Results Urunga Radio Convention 



                            3.5 meg. Hunt Mobile:     1st  VK2BYY Geoff Pages

                                                                        2nd Rodney VK2TI and Chris Williams VK2YMW

                     146 meg. Pedestrian multi tx :       1st  VK2YNG Bryan Ackerly

                                                                        2nd  VK2EFM Alan Savins                                                                   

                             146 meg. Mobile multi tx:      1st  VK2BYY Geoff Pages

                                                                                        2nd VK2YMW Chris Williams

                       Talk In Mobile Hunt 2 mtrs.:        1st VK2YMW Chris Williams

                                                                          2nd  VK2FA Graeme Obrien

                             Night Hunt Fox O-R:    1st VK3YNG Bryan Ackerly

                                                        2nd VK2KD Kevin Dawson


                         40 Mtr. Fun Event:        1st VK2TI Rodney Sommerville                                                                               

                                                                         2nd VK2BYY Geoff Pages

                                 146 Mobile multi tx:          1st  VK2BYY Jeoff Pages                                         

                                                                         2nd VK2YMW Chris Williams

                             146 Pedestrian Multi tx:         1st Chriss VK3YNG  Bryan Ackerly

                                                                          2nd Rodney VK2TI... Carl Winkler

                         Talk In Pedestrian 2 mtrs.:          1st Rodney VK2TI

                                                                          2nd Kaitlin Savins

                                                                                                      Arnold Austin Memorial Trophy: 3 events:          VK2BYY Jeoff Pages

                                                                                           Brian Slarke Memorial Overall 2 days:             VK2BYY Jeoff Pages

                          Coming Events

                                                             Port Macquarie Field Day   

                                                                                Oxley Amateur Radio Club

                                                                          Queens Birthday Week End 2017   

                                                 Trade Tables, Displays, 


                                                      Second hand tables