Owing to circumstances (Covid-19) beyond our control, The Urunga Radio Convention, Inc. will not be held at Easter this year 2020,
  We were all prepared for the Convention,but the health of our     visitors is a concern to us. we hope to see you all next year 2021 
                    Ken Golden VK2DGT, president URC.


 Program Results History   Going continiously since 1949   URC Rules  
         VK2AMV  Mobile      Night Fox Hunt  O.R, 6 TX's                        Early Days


                             VK2AMV  Mobile 53                                                                                            Early days a bit of a beer fest,VK2ADT
Harry VK2ARY  Bellingen  DoMe Boat Shed home of 1st, Conventions (AnchorsWharf)  Point Plomer where URC was first proposed.to have a "Doo" at Urunga

Arnold Austin VK2ADA Historic Cups Merv SavinsVK2DMS               Ken Golden  VK2DGT

  Crief Retalick VK2XO  Ocean View  Hotel 1953

                  Ready for Pedestrian  Hunt
          Kids on stage  Senior Citizens Hall  Urunga                   Program Results                               50th Birthday Celebrations  URC


 70th ped hunt  Arthur and June cutting 70th cake  Night Hunt 70th O.R. 6foxes  Convention Committee  Ken presenting, Brian Slarke, overall, winning team  VK3's  Paul Mainey and family, they did OK
 Sat night Dinner  Old Historic Cups.  Helen and Chris VK2YMW  Tabatha and June Austin Rodney, Robyn, Ken.2019 Brett Austin,"Arnold Austin Award" , Jeff Pages,VK2BYY
  Ken and Chriss VK2YMW  Ken in Rain  3.5 meg hunt   Kids on stage.


  Ken Bogged 2 mtr hunt
















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