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Oblanda Rol/Chocolate, Fruit and Nut Roll
Tulumbi (English)
Tulumbi (Makedonski)

Mrsna Torta Vo Dve Boi (Makedonski)

Oblanda Rol/Chocolate Fruit and Nut Roll

  1. Place single wafers between wet tea towels (allow 20-30 mins before rolling). If the wafers are still hard, dab well with a wet tea towel. The wafer must be soft.
  2. Melt butter on a low to medium heat (do not let it bubble).
  3. Add egg, sugar and vanillin sugar and mix well.
  4. Add honey to the mixture.
  5. Add melted chocolate and mix well.
  6. Add dates, sultanas and walnuts.
  7. Take the mixture of the heat and add the biscuits. If the mixture is too thick, add a little warm milk.
  8. Allow mixture to half cool before using.
  9. Divide the mixture into 5 lots.
  10. Place one wafer onto grease proof paper and spread one portion of the filling over the entire wafer. Smooth wife a knife or spatula. Ensure the mixture is warm when spreading. A little more warm milk may be added.
  11. Repeat the process with the rest of the wafers and portions.
  12. Roll wafers from width. Place rolled wafers on a tray and refrigerate for at 12 hours, before slicing with a sharp knife.
  13. This recipe is best may a day ahead.
  14. When heating the mixture, a wide large saucepan is best.
  15. Recipe suitable for freezing.


  1. Beat egg, slowly add oil, yoghurt - beat well.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix walnuts and sugar.
  3. In a well oiled baking dish (25 - 30cm), place 2 sheets of filo pastry, and frill sheets to fit in dish. Sprinkle 2 spoons of egg and oil mixture over the pastry, followed by 2 spoons of walnuts.
  4. Repeat process until all the filo pastry has been used.
  5. Bake in moderate (230 degrees C) oven until Baklava is golden brown.
  1. Bring sugar and water mixture to boil and simmer for 10 - 15 minutes. Allow syrup to cool a little and then pour of baklava.
  2. When cooled, cut into squares or triangles.

Tulumbi/Tulumbi (English)

For 30 tulumbi
5 eggs
25g flour
5g salt
250g olive oil
50g sugar
1/2 lemon 300ml water (30dl)

Mix the water, sugar, oil and salt in a saucepan, bring to the boil. Add the flour and mix well with a wooden ladle until the mixture comes away from the sides of the saucepan.

Transfer the mixture into another vessel and allow to cool. Add the eggs one at a time to the cooled mixture and then knead the dough thoroughly.

Place the mixture (or portions thereof) in a piping bag with a wide star shaped tip. Pipe mixture into saucepan containing hot oil, cutting the tulumbi to desired length. Cook until golden in colour. Cook 4 to 5 tulumbi at a time depending on the size of the saucepan.

Make a sugar syrup with 6 cups of water and 3 cups sugar and juice from half a lemon, bring syrup to boil for 8 - 10 minutes, and then allow to cool.

Place cooked tulumbi into the syrup for 5 - 10 minutes. Remove tulumbi from syrup and drain. Place on fresh plate ready for serving.

Tulumbi/Tulumbi (Makedonksi)

Potreben materijal za 30 tulumbi:

5 jajca
250gr bra{no
5 gr sol
250 gr maslo
500 gr {eker
3 dcl voda

Bodata, {ekerot, masloto i colta treba da provrijat na {poretot vo odreden cad. Se dodava bra{noto i poctojano ce me{a co drvena me{alka se dodeka masata ne po~ne da se oddeluva od cadot. Taka prigotvenata masa se vadi od sadot i se ostuva da se odladi na rabotnata masa. Na studenoto testo mu se dodavaat jajcata edno po edno i postojano se mesi testovo ce dodeka ce svrze masata so testoto. Koga testoto bide izmeseno, se stava vo {pric za tulumbi i preku {pricot se lemina, potoa se ctavaat vo umreno zagreano maslo i se pri`at dodeka na povr{ina ne mi se vadat od masloto i se stavaat vo slab {erbet koj se prigotvuva od 50 gr {eker, dav i pol decilitri voda, cok od polovina limon i seto ova treba da provrie i oladi, na potoa se ctavaat pr`enite tulumbi i tuka treba da pokisnat 5-10 minuti, potoa da se izvadat vo drug cad ce serviraat.

250ml oil
250g sugar
15ml honey
125ml milk
SR flour (as required to make a medium dough)

Icing sugar and vanillin sugar for dusting the Shapi

Mix all the ingredients to form a medium dough. Place in tins and allow space for mixture to rise and bake in a medium oven. Cool slightly and dust with icing and vanillin sugar to taste.

Contributor: Menka Trajkov

Mrsna Torta Vo Dve Boi

Penesto izmatete 250gr doma{na mast i dodajte 8 `ol~ki, 250gr siten {eker i sok i kora od polovina limon. Seto toa zaedno matete go okolu 40 minuti. Vo penesto izmatenata smesa dodajte 300gr ostro bra{no, 1 ~a{a mleko i na krajot dodajte sneg od dobro izmateni 8 belki. Zemete pogolem kalap za torta ili tenxere od 5 kg. [to ste go nama~kale co maslotija i posipale co bra{no. Isturete polovina stavete 2 la`ici kakoa i smesata isturete ja vo istiot kalap. Tortata pe~ete ja na posilen ogan, a koga ke se ispe~e ja so {eker vo prav i slu`ete ja. Obaa torta mo`e da stoi poveke denovi.

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