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SKOPJE: In 1994, Skjopje had a population of 563,100. Skopje is the largest city and capital of the Republic of Makedonija. It is a city of contrasts in that it is a new and modern city. However, Skopje is also a very old city, too. Skopje is the political, economic and cultural centre of Makedonija. All the state institutions have their seats here. It is also the major centre of metal-processing, chemical, timber, textile industries. Industrial development has been accompanied by an intensive development of internal and external trade and banking, as well as activities in the fields of culture and sport. In 1963 most of the city, including many ancient mosques, was destroyed by an earthquake. Surrounding villages are Petrovec, Nerezi and Dorce Petrov. Other significant centres are Tetovo, 42 km to the west; Kumanovo, 40 km to the north-east and Veles, 58 km to the south-east.
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