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Jane Sandanski

Jane Ivanov Sandanski was born in the village of Vlahi near Melnik on 28 of May 1872. His father Ivan participated as a flag carrier in the well known Kresna Uprising.

Jane Sandanski

From 1899 he cooperated with Goce Delcev, and held the positions of the Duke of Melnik and the president of the Revolutionary Committee of the Ser area. He persistently fought against the activities and incursions of the Vrhovists from Bulgaria and the Andartas from Greece.

Jane Sandanski was a Macedonian revolutionist, and one of the leaders of the Macedonian National Revolutionary Movement. Immediately he began his revolutionary activities, he became well known because he offered protection to the villagers from the tyranny of the Turks and Bulgarians. He organised national courts, and he also organised and taught the people tactics in self-defence. Sandanski lived and fought in the Pirin (Bulgarian) region, and that is why the people gave him the name "Pirin Czar" (Pirinski Tsar). He was also active in the Ilinden Uprising (Ilindensko Vostenie), and in 1908, he supported the young Turkish revolution with the vision for the freedom of the Macedonian people.

The Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand declared that Sandanski was the most dangerous enemy against the great Bulgarian interests (Macedonian Bulgaria). In the same year, an unsuccessful assassination was attempted on Jane Sandanski by mercenaries who were sent by Ferdinand. A second attempt to assassinate Sandanski was carried out on 15 August 1909, but again he was only wounded..

Following the Balkan Wars (1912 and 1913), with the resulting expulsion of the Turks, Parts of Macedonia were annexed to Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. Sandanski continued living in seclusion on Mt. Pirin and planned the assassination of Tsar Ferdinand. However, on the 22 April 1915, whilst travelling from Melnik to Nevrokop, near the Rozenski Monastery, armed followers sent by Ferdinand, attacked Sandanski and killed him.

Today, the heroic and revolutionary efforts of Jane Sandanski are remembered in the national anthem of the Republic of Macedonia.

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