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Ohrid has a population of 42,800 (1991) and is the one of the main tourist cities in Makedonija. It is situated on the Northern shores of Ohridsko Ezero, which is the largest (340 sq km) of the three fresh water lakes in Makedonija. The city caters to both Makedonijan and international tourists alike. Makedonija's second international airport is located in Ohrid. The town has a modest fishing fleet which trawl the lake for fresh water trout. Part of the small Makedonijan navy is based here, operating two small gunboats which patrol the border with Albanija. The lake is fed by fresh water springs in the south, near the monastery of St Naum. These springs feed 20 cubic metres of ice-cold water in the lake every second, (approx 630 million cubic metres per year). The monestary of St. Naum was built in about 900 AD. It is one of Makedonija's oldest and continuously used churches. The remains of St. Naum are buried in an apse of the main church. St.Naum is built on a cliff face and looks out over the Albanijan border. An army unit is based nearby.
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