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Pitu Guli

Pitu Guli was born in Krusevo in 1865. As a boy, he demonstrated an independent and rebellious nature. Guli came from a poor family family background, so when he was 17, Guli left Macedonia to seek wealth in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. In 1885, Pitu returned to Macedonia and joins the revolutionary movement. He formed a rebel squad and joins up with other elements of revolutionary movement.

Pitu Guli

Upon his return from Bulgaria, Pitu was sentenced to eight years inprisonment, seven years of which were spent in the prison of Trapezunt. In 1894 he again returned to Krusevo, and became a member of TMORO (Secret Macedonian Ordin Revolutionary Organisation). From this time on he was fully committed to the cause of Macedonian revolutionary activities. In 1902, Pitu travelled to Bulgaria again where he met up with Toma Davidov. On Guli's return to Macedonia, he is injured at the border and was forced to return to Bulgaria.

Fully committed to the Macedonian National Revolutionary movement in March 1903, and as a Duke with his own squad, he and other Dukes crossed the Bulgarian-Macedonian border heading for Krusevo.

From April to August 1903, he trained and prepared his troops in the lead-up to the Ilinden Uprising (Ilindensko Vostanie). During the time of the Ilinden Uprising, Pitu was a Duke of a large rebel detachment.

History states that Guli fought heroically at Mechkin Kamen (Bear's Rock) near Krusevo during the Ilinden Uprising, and he is remembered in song and poetry throughout Macedonia.

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