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Education In Macedonia

Education in Macedonia starts with Primary School (8 years), Secondary School (4 years) and then University.

The Primary school is compulsory for all children in Macedonia, which is not the case in the Secondary School. Only 75% of Macedonians have attended Secondary School. In Primary School students learn about: Macedonian Language, Mathematics, History, Geography, Foreign languages, Physics, Music etc. In Secondary School students continue the same subjects on a wider scale plus they get core subjects depending on what they studying for. After the Secondary School those students that want to go further they have to pass a test to be excepted into University. Either that or if they have a friend or if they can pay the Professor.

The University of "St Clement & Methodij" its situated in the capital city Skopje, together with many cultural organizations, museums, libraries etc. The University was opened in 1949 and today its the biggest University in the country who has 25,967 students, of whom 21,319 are full time and 4,648 are part time. In the University has 2,597 staff: 1300 academics and scientists and 1,297 support staff. To date 92,744 students have completed degrees at the University.

The highest body that represents Macedonian culture and arts and science is: Macedonian Academy of Arts and Science situated also in the capital city of Skopje. All the decisions in the MAAC are made by the assembly, who also elect a President of the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Science by a vote every three years. Membership is for life, and all the members are independent in their work or research

The Education system its very good as it is but there are some problems that the government knows about, and yet does nothing about. Corruption is rife in the education system. There are people in Macedonia who hold a University degree but they don't even know where the University is and have never attended , because they had money to bribe the professors or they had friends or relatives working there, and unfortunately this goes for all the education system from Primary school to University and all life in general in Macedonia.

Contributor: Peco Stojanovski

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