The Ideal Diet

Hi, Peter Strous is my name and you have reached my research into what the ideal diet for us is from a health perspective. We all know that we are omnivores but all that means is that we can get our energy from both plants and animals. But what is the healthiest for us is or could be different. You may wish to see it this way: At the basic level there is only 3 types of foods:
The latter being a mixure of bits and pieces of the other two. If we accept that Processed Foods have lost quality along the way and are less healthy for us, that leaves us with the questions:

What is the most healthy? 50% plants + 50% animals? 10% plants + 90% animals? 90% plants + 10% animals? What ratio is the most healthy?

How will we measure this? Should we be guided by:
Well as far as taste goes, some of us like smoking and alcohol and all of us like sugar, fats and salt. Taste does not look like a good guide for our research.
Tradition is not a scientific way of measuring because we might have been doing things wrong for generations. It would be a subjective preconceived approach.
Should we be guided by what everybody else does? Again that is not necessarily a good idea especially since most people die from heart attacks and cancer. That might be what we like to get away from! Again this is not a scientific way of measuring what is the ideal for us as everybody else could be on the wrong track. Neither Tradition nor "what everybody else does" would measure directly health outcomes and leave us wide open to preconceived ideas.
Should we eat by what makes us feel good? Well coffee makes us buzz and some like that, alcohol relaxes and others like that, heroine makes people feel good.... That is obviously also out. Should we simply eat what the industry wants us to eat? Well they do not really have our health in mind, do they? They exist for primarily for the shareholders.
Should we eat what the govenment tells us we should be eating? Well the political parties often get their election funds from the industry and hence there could be bias in the government's policies.

Emotions and food are very strongly connected. Our survival depends on it! This makes it easy by us being misled by wishful thinking!

So how do we measure the health effects of a particular diet......?
In science we need to measure and observe. What can we measure and observe around diets that make them stand out? Well that is really the same as why we would want to research in the first place.
A healthy diet we can expect to contribute towards happiness, energy, clarity and decision making.

We can look at individuals and populations doing well and we can look at individuals and populations either improving health or degrading health while changing their diets.

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best of health!