The Labrador Retriever Club of South Australia was established in 1960, then known as the 
Labrador and Retriever Club of South Australia.
The first Retrieving Sub-Committee was formed in July 1961.
The first Club Championship Show was held on 9th June 1962, entries were 62 Labradors, 2 
Golden Retrievers and 2 Curlycoated Retrievers.
The first Non-Slip retrieving Trial was held on 22nd August 1961 at Mr. & Mrs. M. Verco’s 
Tolderol Property at Langhorne Creek, South Australia.
The first of the Club’s Life Memberships was presented in July 1974 to Mr. C. Fleetwood, 
Mrs. J. Fleetwood, Mr. S. Wellbourn and Mr. C. Adkins.
A Special meeting was held on 23rd March 1966 to change the name of the Club from The 
Labrador and Retriever Club to Labrador Retriever Club of South Australia.