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disappointingly, there will be no further editions.  Please accept my sincere thanks for your wonderful support over the years . . . and do check the Message page . . . and I’ll get the lists up progressively.   



The Definitive Guides Creative Writers

 Begun as a home project in February 1995, the first edition of Australian Short Fiction Markets was finally finished and launched in the September.  Starting out as an idea sparked by a column in the US publication, Writers’ Digest, I turned my Apple Mac Classic computer into a work-horse and got going.  All the initial research was done through snail-mailing about 150 5-page questionnaires, printed out on my trusty dot matrix printer, to every publication I could find for Short Fiction.


Developing a more user-friendly format that escaped the limits of most of the other market guides available at the time was a daunting task, too.  As a new writer, I wasn’t sure what was needed so just kept asking myself what sort of information I wanted – beyond “short fiction to 2000 words” and an address.  And I wanted to produce a guide with the flexibility to keep up with all the constant changes of address, word counts, deadlines etc. that I quickly found were a part of the publishing landscape.


The first ASFM was pretty close, and after some wonderful feedback and suggestions from customers about its concept, and their later introduction to implementing their ASFM2 Update packs, the refinements made at those times set the presentation for all the ASFM Editions to follow and for its three companion volumes, Australian Short Fiction Competitions from 1998 and, Australian Poetry Markets & Competitions and Australian Competitions & Markets for Young Writers from 2000.


Time and perseverance were always factors in researching info, reading it through, adjusting each page, losing old and finding new listings for the books, a dedicated 4-5 months was normal for their biennial New Editions.  And of course all the ensuing page-poking-into-pockets making up the finished books was always fun – especially with a nice glass of White.  (Being the only damsel in my own little Cottage Industry had its perks!)  Then I added the Newspage to my re-vamped website (thanks Chris O.) which satisfied my wish to provide a way for my customers to keep their info more current between editions, and gave me something more to smile about.  And for a long time I did, but, as life matters do, things changed, and although I have tried and tried and tried and tried since 2012 – yes, four attempts each necessarily started from scratch – to get through full reviews to the next Editions, I just can’t make them happen and with a deep mix of reluctance and relief – I must now, formally, let them go.


I will continue this website as a touchstone for a while to keep some markets and competitions and helpful contacts information available to you on the ‘Markets’, ‘Competitions’ and ‘Links’ pages, and hope that you each find something of interest.


Many things have made this whole experience something I will always cherish, it’s been difficult and fantastic, frustrating and totally joyous all in the same breath.  And the best part has always been connecting with all of you, even the few who made contact in more recent times when, regrettably, I failed to respond.  Thank you, and bless you all whether you write, publish or promote.  Keep making magic with your words.


 Eris x                  September 2015


September 29, 2015