The Frank Thring Site

Hours of searching the Internet has revealed a noticeable lack of material about the great Frank Thring. This site is dedicated to his memory in the hope of going some way to rectifying this lapse.

Frank Thring was born into a theatrical family, his father F.W. Thring was the founder of Efftee Films, a pioneering feature film making company in the 1930s.

He began his career in the Middle Park Repertory Theatre playing Henry VIII in Ray Lawler's Hal's Belles. He eventually took over the Middle Park Repertory Theatre and ran it as actor and manager for two years as the Arrow Theatre.

He then left for London and had success playing Herod in Salomé. On the strength of this performance he was asked by Anthony Quayle to join Laurence Olivier and Vivian Leigh in Peter Brook's production of Titus Andronicus at Stratford on Avon.

Thring then enjoyed successes on the London West End including Doctor in the House and Captain Hook in Peter Pan.

His Hollywood films include Ben Hur with Charleton Heston, El Cid and King of Kings.

His Australian films include Age of Consent with James Mason, Ned Kelly with Mick Jagger, The Man From Hong Kong, Alvin Rides Again and Mad Dog Morgan.

This site is dedicated primarily to the apocrypha surrounding the late Frank Thring.

Frank was seated next to a woman at a dinner party who was expressing her distress at the number of people starving in Africa. Frank turned to her and imperiously commanded her: "Name one!"

Friends, having not heard from Frank all weekend and not being able to get a response to their knocks at the front door decided to investigate and were horrified to see Frank through a window in the back of the house sitting naked, bound and gagged and tied to a chair. They broke in and hurriedly loosened his bonds afraid he'd been burgled. When they untied his gag all he could say was "What a weekend!"

Frank turns up for filming at a Skippy set and finds a hessian bag on the ground with something squirming within. "What's that?" he demands of a crew member. "That's one of the Skippys" is the reply. Frank: "Well if that's the Star's dressing room I can't wait to see mine."

When filming King of Kings, Frank was asked what he thought of the actor playing Christ to which he replied - "Fuck what a Christ...Christ what a fuck!"

Frank returned from an extended period in America where he has been appearing in Ben Hur. As he descends the aircraft at Essendon to the waiting media throng, a keen young reporter calls from the barrier "Mr Thring! Mr Thring! How was Ben Hur?" Without missing a beat, Frank fixes the reporter with his imperious gaze and hisses "Loved Ben...Hated Hur"

At the time when the Government was selling off many utilities Frank and a group of friends were speculating on what they would do with a million dollars. The usual aspirations were bandied about, world trips, yachts, luxury cars, when someone turned to Frank and asked "So what would you buy?" to which he dryly replied "A Primary School."


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