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'How Not to Podcast'

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'Porn' Live

'Buckfast - the single'

'Porn' featuring Natalie Imbruglia

'Gettin Caught by the ACCC'

'Embrace Fear of Failure'

'Don't you want me?'

'My name is Bucks'

Butler v McGuire

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“One of my top ten comedians in the world” – ‘Irish’ Rob Halkett from legendary band ‘The Exploited’

"An acerbic, hard-hitting and hilarious commentary on the problems facing Australia, particularly following the election of Tony Abbott's right-wing government" - Galway Independent

“Damn good” **** - Evening News

**** - Scotsman

AUSTRALIA: STILL FUCKED (Edinburgh Fringe 2017)

Kieran Butler (Che Guevara on the Fringe, Whimsical Tricycle, **** Scotsman, **** Evening News) joined his favourite antipodean comedian, Sofie Prints (Jesus was a Rape Baby) for the sequel to his sold-out cult hit, Australia is Fucked.

Since 2013, Australia is the origin of racist, science denying, sexist lying thugs who got elected Prime Minister. Trump is a shitty cover band. Brexit is a tribute act. Now, we’re all probably fucked!

Defamed by feminists and black-listed by the director of the Australian #micf, Butler is the enfant terrible of Australian comedy.

Australia produced the highest ranked Catholic to be charged with child abuse – despite never doing a painting, or releasing a novelty song.

Australia is the petri dish that proved a dog-whistling, fearmongering, science-denying homophobe could win an election in a first world country in 2013. Since then, Australia’s penchant for torturing refugees, genocide, climate change denial and Rolf Harris has inspired Brexit and Trump. Now, everyone is fucked!

Kieran Butler (BBC Scotland) performed 'Australia is Fucked' to capacity crowds at the 2013 - 15 Edinburgh Fringe festivals - and proved why Australia is the joke the rest of the world is now completely sick and tired of.

"One of the top Aussie acts of the 2013 Fringe" - australiantimes.co.uk

A Fringe veteran, Kieran Butler is one of the men behind the critically acclaimed 'Che Guevara on the Fringe' satirical trilogy. (**** - The Scotsman)

This is take-no-prisoners stand-up & musical comedy that wears it's influences on its sleeve, exposes the dark underbelly of living Down Under and lampoons the myopic psyche that the current Australian government has since put on display for the world.

"Hard hitting & thought provoking" - Laughing Stock (IRE)

"Wild laughs... Butler's kick is formidable" - The Age (AUS)



Ned Kelly - Last Stand Up

"Ferocious, satirical...  current and very political... very funny... good laughs" - Herald Sun

Ben Cousins - a rock opera

"It’s a no-brainer. Go watch it" Groggy Squirrel

"Thoroughly funny... hilarious" West Australian

Collingwood Ruined my Life

"The closest many men will get to therapy"  The Age

"A great show for all footy fans" Rip it Up

Whimsical Tricycle

***** Adelaide Advertiser

**** Edinburgh Evening News

Che Guevara on the Fringe

**** The Scotsman

**** Edinburgh Evening News 

Kieran Butler is an Australian performer with over 30 years experience. He has performed around the world as a comedian, musician, songwriter broadcaster and satirist.

He has received critical acclaim at the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe festivals for his full length comedy and musical productions and has been regular contributor to radio stations in the UK and Australia.

He is best known in Australia for his solo stand up show 'Collingwood ruined my Life' which sold out three seasons at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

He received the coveted four star review from The Scotsman in 2007 for his show 'Che Guevara on the Fringe' - an official edfringe.com sold-out show which was a cult hit over 3 years with both critics and audiences.

He is one half of 'Whimsical Tricycle' - an original folk duo that have received widespread international critical acclaim for their original music and story-telling shows.

In 2009 & 2010 Kieran wrote, produced and performed in 'Ben Cousins - a rock opera'a pop parody musical that courted controversy, sell-out crowds and critical accolades all over Australia.

In 2011 Kieran performed "Ned Kelly - Last Stand Up' in Melbourne & Perth and returned to the 2012 & 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with 'Freedom of Speech' & 'Infamaniac'.

Kieran has performed 'Australia is Fucked' from 2013 - 2015 at the Edinburgh Fringe, throughout Ireland, and the 2015/16 Adelaide Fringe & MICF.

Kieran performed 'I got white male privilege entitlement like Trump in a porn star's cunt' for Free Comedy at the 2018 MICF in Melbourne.



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