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Performed to regular sold out audiences all over Australia from 2006 to 2010

As seen by Rene Kink, James Manson & Ranald MacDonald - but not Eddie McGuire!

The final performance took place on April 24, 2010 in Melbourne - a 'Daicos drop punt' from  Victoria Park

The photos below are from the final show.  They were taken by Shane Barrie 

"Wild laughs of recognition... Butler's kick is formidable" The Age

"A great show for all footy fans" Rip it Up

"This show is what stand up comedy is all about...  10/10!"

"Comedy that doesn't talk down to the audience... the closest many men will get to therapy" The Age

"Hilarious... cleverly crafted songs... Any football fan... would enjoy Butler's hour" Adelaide Advertiser

"oh-so-painfully and hilariously true... see this show. You might just learn what football is, does and means to a fan" The Pun

“At the tender age of 11 (after three Grand Final losses in a row) I learnt a horrible truth about life: Dreams don’t come true; nothing good ever really happens; and life is essentially one after another episode of pain and misery until you end up in a nursing home, daring your family to snuff you out with a pillow and not get caught… For a brief moment in 1990, when we finally won the flag I thought salvation had been visited upon me… I was convinced that my fortunes were inextricably tied to those of the club… Sixteen years later I fear that I will die with the memory of that Premiership serving as a mere aberration.”    -  From Collingwood ruined my Life as featured in the book 'The Barrackers are Shouting - Stories of Collingwood from the Grandstand’

June 23, 2007 - The "Song for Chris Tarrant" from the show was mentioned in the sports pages of The Melbourne Age

HEAR THE SONG and watch the video

Promotional video footage from the 2007 show




MAY 26, 2007 - “Kieran Butler claims Collingwood ruined my Life” was performed in Queensland for the first time to a packed house at the Pineapple Hotel near the Gabba in the afternoon just before the Pies trounced the Lionslast Saturday afternoon; just hours before the Pies stormed home against the Brisbane Lions. Kieran was the guest of Ken Dinsdale; the President of the Queensland Magpies. Ken organized and publicised the show that attracted over 120 die hard Collingwood supporters who also heard from 1990 Premiership player, Craig Starcevich, at the pre-match function that followed the show.






After the show Kieran got to fulfill a life long ambition of putting up the match day banner...



April 21st, 2007 - Amongst the audience at the SOLD OUT show were 70's Collingwood legend, Rene Kink, and 1990 Premiership player, James Manson. They both said that they thoroughly enjoyed the show and Kieran even got to have a chat with 'The Hulk' about his acting career! Just in case you have been living in Brisbane all your life, Rene Kink played the role of 'Tank' in the cult Australian film 'The Club'. All Kieran could say was "by the time I was 15 I couldn't even hold my spot in the school thirds" 'Charlie' Manson spent time chatting with Kieran and the boys from the Sydney Magpies.

Review from The Pun "oh-so-painfully and hilariously true... Not only should all Pies fans support Kieran Butler, but all football fans should pay at least one visit. And to those snoots who jump on the bandwagon at Grand Final time or turn their nose up at it throughout the season; see this show. You might just learn what football is, does and means to a fan" Click to view the original full review - Click here for website link

April 13, 2007 - Kieran's song for Ben Cousens released on SEN Radio - Kieran Butler appeared with Francis Leach and David Schwarz on SEN radio yesterday and unveiled a brand new song for Ben Cousens. The song was written just yesterday morning and put to air the same afternoon. It was an instant hit with Francis and David who requested a short encore after speaking with Kieran about his show. Click these links for the LIVE version and the STUDIO version

April 12, 2007 - Kieran decided to hand out show flyers at games including all AFL clubs and compiled a ladder based on the responses of the fans who wander past him. Points were awarded for personality, verbal abuse and genuinely original and witty comments – this did not include “Collingwood has ruined everyone’s life” and “You’re at the wrong game mate”.

April 9, 2007 - Punter reviews - Julie Freeman emailed Kieran after seeing the show on opening night - "Great Show - Hi Kieran, Just wanted to let you know how much I loved the show... I could relate to pretty much everything you were saying. My husband is a Carlton supporter.... he has been with me through many of those moments and knew exactly what you were talking about... Keep up the great work!" "Hilarious...I went to see this show in 06... It was fantastic...Good on ya Kieran..." - Comment posted on YouTube last week for the video footage from the final night from pieguy8015 

March 31, 2007 - All shows at the 2007 Adelaide Fringe SOLD OUT and the show received a great review from the Adelaide Advertiser 

March 28, 2007 - "The Magpies' secret weapon" - Kieran appears in the Melbourne Times and talks about his show, (then) perfect record and Chris Tarrant's move to Fremantle - CLICK HERE

February 21, 2007 - The new song for Chris Tarrant was released LISTEN NOW     A short promotional video from last years show was uploaded to YouTube at


Melbourne International Comedy Festival season 2006 - REVIEWS

The Melbourne Age "There's a knack to this kind of comedy: you have to infuse the personal material with humour and pathos without letting it become self-indulgent, and Butler achieves this... This is comedy that doesn't talk down to the audience... It's also the closest many men will get to therapy" Read the full review

THE PUN "Kieran Butler claims Collingwood Ruined My Life is sure to find a shoulder to cry on amongst the diehard Collingwood supporters and football lovers alike. After the show, Butler will be propped up at the bar sobbing into his beer, and if you're any sort of fan you'll be right there beside him" Read the full review

BEAT Magazine "The show is as parochial as the average member of the Magpie army... will strike a knowing chord with everyone who has ever donned a black and white scarf on a sleety Saturday afternoon"

from the Queensland Magpies website "Kieran Butler claims Collingwood Ruined My Life is a must for any Collingwood fan. When I left my jaw was sore from laughing so hard. Every Collingwood fan can relate to a lot of what he has been through, and this is what makes the show even more appealing" Click here for more

PRESS SHEET Click to see original copies of all the 2006 press and reviews surrounding the show.

The Collingwood ruined my Life Audience Storyboard - A mixture of songs, photos and stories from Magpie fellow travelers who dropped in to see the show in 2006.

 August 2006 - Kieran had his memoirs of being a Collingwood supporter published in the book 'Barrackers are Shouting' Click here

Even though he was in Edinburgh, Kieran and a punter from Che Guevara on the Fringe got the chance to compare Collingwood tattoos. >>>

April 25, 2006 - Having the last laugh on Sam Newman! A 'Street Talk' that never made it to air on 'The Footy Show' Click here



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