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This page updated 30th May 2005. Original Historical Links Page is here. It contains now expired and Bodgy Links.

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1.  Duff's WEB Page ------- Visit Duff and see what he has to say.

2.  Just Dad the band. ------- Music for Wolves to howl by. Download a sample now.

3. West Coast Web ------- Home of the West Coast Eagles. A very well produced site.

4. Dogs In Space ------- The Western Bulldogs official home page.

5. The Essendon Football Club Home Page ------------ Very good page for all fans with a lot of information.

6. Harman Australian Football Club ------------ A side from the Canberra District League and a worthy foe of the Kingston Wolves.

7. Gungahlin Jets Australian Football Club ----------- Another side from the Canberra District League and worthy foe of the Kingston Wolves.

8. Canberra St Kilda Supporters Club ---------- For all the St Kilder supporters out there especially inthe Canberra region.

9. AustraliaNet ----------- Australia's Homepage! The very best of Aus.

10. Miranda Bombers ------------ Australian Junior Football Club. Come join the fun.

11. ACT Superules -------- Football for fun for the over 35's. This is a must for you aging players who just love playing the game. Highly recommended.

12  Eastlake Football Club ---------- The club that has taken over the Wolves playing in the AFL ACT/NSW  League

International Football Clubs:

1. West London Wildcats ARFC ------- Located in London in the UK and playing in the BARFL. Go and pay a visit and see how rules is developing over in the UK.

2. Sports Down Under ------ An Australian sports link site in Oklahoma in the US.

3.  AFL CANADA ------- The name is all you need. See how the games going in Canada.

4. Australian Football Association of North America. --------- A mouthfull but self explainatory. Check them out.

5. Free Email?? --- Go to Yourmail and get your's now.

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