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  In late January 1997 our friend Shane Fenton was taken from us by a terminal cancer.

These are the thoughts of Shane's loved ones and friends.

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for Shane

SHANE WILLIAM FENTON Born: 25-12-1953 Died: 21-1-1997 Age: 43 years

Shane moved into my house on the 23 November '96 and we all tried to carry on as normal a family life as possible given the circumstances.

From the day he was diagnosed as having terminal liver cancer on the 4 November, his strength and courage was almost unbelievable. Most people, I am told, go through various stages when faced with a terminal illness. Anger, denial, resentment, fear, etc are all supposed to be normal reactions in a case such as his. Not Shane though, he was able to accept his fate almost immediately. He then went about helping us all to cope with and accept what lay ahead. The words our family put in the paper sum it up I think:

"You faced the strongest challenge of your life with courage, strength and dignity. With thoughts only of your family and friends you carried us all."

My brother was the strongest person I have ever known. I am proud to say that I love him and I miss him dearly.

"Lifted up by Angels"
Your loving brother John
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