A rambling collection of Random Thoughts that just seem to come at the oddest times. Funny enough mostly late at night while I watch the late night news.

Last updated 31st August 1998.


Political Correctness: In Australia we have just had a federal election which was won by the more conservative party of our political system. In the weeks since the election they have set about dismantling the politically correct and costly sacred cows of the previous reformist government.

I find this refreshing as under governments whom try to do "the right thing" by all the minority groups seeking funding with the majority of taxpayers money, the majority is commonly ignored in favour of the vocal minority.

As a result of being reduced to second class citizens by governments too weak to appear to discriminate against vocal minorities (and in doing so discriminate against the silent majority) the people rebelled at the ballot box. As a result no longer can any government afford to bow to such minorities and anticipate the majority of voters would embrace the plethora of minority group agendas as being more important than the majority itself.

No longer in this country (Australia) will we see the bleeding hearts dominating the political landscape with the "Landrights for Asian gay whales" mentality.

Even Pauline Hanson now gets a go in this country. Agree or disagree with her at least she has the right to put her views and everybody else has the right to refute them.


Boot Licking: The former prime Minister of this country (Paul Keating) had a distasteful habit of telling Asian leaders that Australia is an Asian country. The plain fact is Australia is a European country on the edge of Asia. This is a natural and cultural fact and not one that can be legislated as one P. Keating would believed he could do.

This was of coarse disastrous for him to as follows :

1)The Australian people felt their culture had been sold out in the name of political expediency.

2) Asian leaders, not being the gullible people he assumed they were, have only just now stopped laughing at this poor attempt at political boot licking.

You cant legislate culture! It evolves.

It could cost a government an election . Couldn't it?

Super league: What a joke all this money that has been handed around to gain control of Rugby League is.

We're told two TV empires have just fort a major battle for the rights to televise the Rugby League world wide and this will be good for the game and also be good for the fans.

What a load of rubbish this is!

The successful TV empire can not see its way clear to broadcasting more than one and a half games a week out of ten played. One would suspect that this is to force more people to install pay TV.

We are also told it is good for the game here that people all around the world can watch the game on pay TV. Good for who? Us, Them, or the TV empire? Again I suspect the latter.

My first love in football is Australian Football and I am very thankful nothing like this has yet happened to this game. I must say I do not give a rodents bottom if someone in Singapore is watching the game as long as I can see my minimum of three games a week on free to air TV. 

Pay Television: Who needs it?

Just see above for one problem.

It wont be long before the sports and maybe some shows and movies we now take for granted on free to air TV will only be available to those able or willing to pay.

This has the potential to alter the culture of a country as sports are the catalyst which unite people from all sociological and economic backgrounds. These may now become the games of only the more affluent in our society. If you can't pay you can't watch!


Gun Control: I'll pose a question. In Australia all the states have just agreed to a total ban on all self loading guns. Does this represent a blow to personal freedom or as a democracy is this the correct course of action for the government with the majority of the people wanting this ban?

Irony! Isn't it ironic that a country going through the gut wrenching process of banning guns from the general population should out of the first three gold medals won in Atlanta have two awarded for shooting.

TV Mind Bending: I was watching a TV show (for the want of a better word) called "True Prophesies". All the usual crap and interpretation was on display this show which supposedly answered many questions.

But not this couple.

1) If we (as a collective species) can see the future so clearly why can't we see the winner of the 5th next Saturday?

2) If these "prophets" must display themselves and the others who went before in this way to earn a living wouldn't it be easier (and less painful for us) to foretell the Lotto numbers for the week ?

Worth thinking about.

Extra Terrestrials: If I were an Extra Terrestrial and just travelled across the vast expance of space with the technology this would require on board I would appear to an under achiever in a desert where no one else could collaborate the story.

Wouldn't you?

Prime TV: Has never been and will never be a local Canberra station. I'm talking about the axing of the Friday AFL coverage. They asked some Farmers around the area to for their ratings and as everybody knows the farmers all follow Rugby League and it was the Public Service move to Canberra which accounts for the strong Aussie Rules base in the area.

It would make more sense to ask the Canberra people if you wanted a true reflection of the AFL ratings in this area. Everybody knows that except obviously the inept Prime marketing department.

I see they are now back in the news with the AFL ready to discuss the coverage problem in Canberra with the Seven Network.

The only way I know to get into the news as regularly as Prime with this issue is to be a sports star or exhibit some form of criminal behaviour against the community.

They are no sports stars.

After Shave: Can you put on "after shave" with out having a shave first? If so would it not just be called "after" and that being the case after what?


From your relative locations around the world I would like to hear your opinions . I assume they will be many and varied.