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The Kingston Wolves were created in 1993. Since then have been extremely successful on the field culminating in the winning of the Premiership in 1995.

This is our salute to The Team of 95.

The Team


View a photo of the 95 Wolves squad HERE.

Three important members of the 95 playing squad who were unfortunate enough to miss on a berth in the Grand Final Team were honored by the club for their contibution to the winning of the 1995 Premiership.

They were each awarded Premiership Medals by the club and their team mates.

They are:

Phillip Gaynor

Andrew Newcombe

Tim Ransley

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The Result

Kingston Wolves 4.3 8.10 14.13 18.21 (129)

University of Canberra 1.2 3.2 3.3 5.4 (34)

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An exert from The Canberra Times , Friday September.8. 1995.

KINGSTON Wolves handed out the University of Canberra Wombats an almighty thrashing in the Canberra District Australian Football League grand final last weekend. The Wombats were never in the contest and didn't exactly cause any stress to the goal umpires. Apparently their best kick of the day was a towering 50m drop punt that sailed 50m for a goal - but that was during the major change. The sharpshooter? a Wombats supporter wearing "nothing" but football boots!

Bevan Hannah

Scanned press clippings from the 95 season.

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