This is now an Historical site remembering the Kingston Wolves.
The Wolves merged with EASTLAKE Football Club in 2001.
This page has been left in its last edition state and some links may now not work.
For all those who enjoyed the Wolves. ENJOY.
The Kingston Wolves Australian Football Club
The Kingston Wolves are the newest force in the Australian Capital ACTAFL LogoTerritory Australian Football League (ACTAFL) Canberra District League.

In the future we will continue to build this site into an even more interesting place for our friends to visit and interact with us.
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           Our salute to premiership the team of 95.

The Official Punters Club Publication.

     The Official News Letter of The Kingston     Wolves.

        Can't be all serious can it.

The Kingston Wolves

Club Mobile Phone: - Australia  0418 449977

President - Ricky Jordan

Treasuer - Brad Clarke

Secretary - TBA

League Delegate - Don Seymour

Board Members - Phil Gaynor, Ricky Jordan, Sean Mercer, Scott HughesAndrew Browne

Coaches: First Grade - David Evans

               Second Grade - Stewart Trebilcock

               Assistant coach - Ricky Jordan

Club Physio: -Andrew Young, Woden Physiotherapy

Tribunal Representative: - Don Seymour

Players Advocate: - Scott Hughes

Fundraising Co-ordinator: - Andrew Browne, Rick Jordan, Phil Gaynor, David Fennessy

Club Captain: - Rick Jordan

Vice Captain: - Andrew Browne

Support Staff: - Don Seymour

Major Sponsor: - Caffe Della Piazza, Ph (02) 62489711 ... Brooks Marchant Pty Ltd, Ph (02) 62976044.

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 General Business 


Reserved Space - Thanks to all those who help out each week with running  water, strapping and the canteen. You know who you are and your appreciated.

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See if you can work these out.
Ricky Jordan - Helmut / Mut
Glenn Fowler - Razz
Richard Crossman - Grot
Andrew Crossman - Shorty / Boo
Tim Ransley - Rimmer / Wimmer
Brett Davis - Reggie / Galloping gasometer / Bumble bee
Clayton Trantor - Claydo / Roy / Clinton
Peter Bleus - Blusey
Shane Fenton - Magnum (Deceased but not forgotten)
Brian Morton - Mort / Morto
Jason Matthews - Ned or Mongrel
Michael Borowski - Biddy
Sean Mercer - Bunz
Geoff O'Regan - Jethro / Frosty
Shane Nelson - Camel
Mark Hynes - Hynsey
David Fennessy - Spider / Spide
John Dowse - Dowsey / Dows
Alan Duffy - Duff / Legend
Andrew Browne - Bomber
Ken Sissons - Sessions / Grass cutter / Snake in the grass
Andrew Tattersall - Tatts
Matt Spackman - Spako
Phil Gaynor - Doris
Christopher Ransley - Kit la fit / Kitla
Chris Giltrap - Gillies
Steven Briggs - Brigga
John Craken - Cracker
Andrew Newcombe - Drewy or Blowy
Chris Thompson - Steggles
Bill Ratcliff - Billy Esse
Andrew Moran - Roo
Scott Hughes - Whale / Human
Richard Matheson - Poker (Pokerface) / Hair
Greg Campbell - Stalker or Chewy
Garry Allen - Grogwash
Peter Bleus - Psycho
Paul Bartels - Gonzo
Robert Borowski - Scruffy
Dean O'Brian - Deno
Paul Blair - Blairy
Rodney Bradley - Pensioner / Braddles
Damon Bryce - Testy
Colin Campbell - Currly / Coach
Brad Clarke - Chesta
Troy Cousins - Troy Boy
Dean Davis - Pickles
Paul Dodson - Doddo
Craig Elphick - Elf
John Federow - Feds / Splasher
Chris Giltrap - Gillies / Puppets
Glen Fowler - Razza
Patrick Griffen - Paddy
Garry Hale - Halley
Jonathan Howard - Johno
Benny James - Junior
Wayne Kelty - Kelts / Top weight / Coach
Adrian Jacobs - Aids
Daniel Komorowski - Dan / Daniel son / Swanney
Brett Little - Bretty
Steven Briggs - Brigga
Thomas Lum - Tommy / Wummy
Jason Mathews - Ned / Mongrel
Bruce Mills - Bruiser / Skillsy
Brian Morton - Morto
Richard Nicholoson - Nicho
Chris O'Brirne - Chris
Frank O'Neil - Grover
Justin O'Shannassy - Justo / Justin
Keiran O'Shannassy - Keiza / Kiz
Eamonn Rooney - Roons/Amie
Sean Rooney - Roons / Sean/Obbie
George Samios - Zeus
Dave Taylor - Tight arse
Mark Travers - Travs / Tassie
Michael Webb - Webby
Phil Norman - Phil
George Samios - Georgy
Colin Gniel - Col
Sean Wornes - Wornsey
Russell Ott - Big Rus / Rott
Colin_Gniel - Col
David Evans- Evo
Chris Pearson - Ox / Pearso

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