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"JUST DAD The Band"

Home Page

Welcome to the "Just Dad" Home Page.

A Bit about the band. "Just Dad" is a collection of basically fun loving blokes who get together to make a little music and drink a little beer. The band has three members and from time to time has friends join them to produce some unusual sounds.

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Here is a sample of their wares for your listening pleasure.

MASTER.---Wave format. Great dark type of music.

ONLY ONE WORLD. --- Wave format. Nice easy guitar .

NIGHTMARE LOVER . --- Wave format. Nice song.

FAST CAR RAG. --- Wave format. Your going to love this.

We do apologise for the brevity of the samples but disk space has made it impossible to bring you more. There is a lot you are missing.

If you wish to hear more return to this page regularly as we will be changing the sample or Email the Band with your request.

If there is enough demand we will look at expanding our disk space so if you want more tell us.

Please by all means take notes  and send us some feedback.