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September 1998

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The Kingston Wolves Football Club capped of a magnificent season by finishing the 1998 home and away season as minor premiers in both first and second grades. This is a fitting result for all the hard work throughout the season of all concerned both on and off the field with the club. Congradulations Wolves.

Annual Presentation Dinner 1997

The club held its annual presentation dinner at the Deakin Sports and Social Club. In the clubs gala evening the results turned out to be a real reflection on the eveness of the season. In the 2nd division Mark Travers polled 6 votes in the last round to beat Justin O' Shannassy and Johno Howard for the coveted Best and Fairest. Mark in his 1st season with the club after a distinguished career in Tasmania proved to be a more than handy pick up to pip his workmate Justin by 3 votes.

In the 1 st division Stephen Briggs held on by one vote to beat 3 runners up who finished on 18 votes. In a great finish Briggs held on to beat Ricky Jordan, Kit Ransley and Andrew Tattersall for the coveted best and fairest. The Shane Fenton club champion was won by a very worthy and popular recipient Phil "Doris" Gaynor. Brett Davis was also awarded the clubs 1st Life membership. A great evening was had by all it was just a pity the food did not match the event.

Other award winners for the evening were:

Ist Division -

Best & Fairest - Steven Briggs

R/Up - Ricky Jordan, Andrew Tattersall and Kit Ransley Coaches Trophy - Geoff O'Regan

Most Improved - Richie Matheson

Leading Goalkicker - Andrew Browne

2nd Division -

Best & Fairest - Mark Travers

R/Up - Justin O'Shannassy

Most Consistent - Johno Howard

Coaches Trophy - Kerian O' Shannassy

Most Improved - Thomas Lum

Leading Goalkicker - Justin O'Shannassy

Club Awards - Club Champion - Phil Gaynor Life Membership - Brett Davis

Milestones and Stats

A number of players have achieved significant milestones over the past season. This has included Alan Duffy playing his 300th senior game (249 Eastlake, 51 Wolves). Mark Travers reaching 300 senior games and 100 games with Kingston (94 Kingston Rovers (Tas) and 6 Wolves). Others to reach milestones include John Federow and Richard Crossman 50 games for the Wolves. Andrew Browne will reach the milestone in Round 10 later this year. Out of interest the 1st player to reach 100 games with the Wolves will be Ricky Jordan barring injury. Rick the current club captain has 72 games under his belt. Others close to the record are Geoff O'Regan(70) and Michael Borowski (68). It must be noted that only home & away matches and finals games count.

In this edition we look at a number of interesting stats that the Wolves have racked up.

* As a club we have kicked a combined total of 1367 goals (end 96).

* I 13 players have played one or more games for the club.

* Collectively we have 1952 games for the Wolves

* As a club we have won 94% of all games played in.

* 19 players have played over 50 games for the Wolves.

Kingston Wolves lst grade stats as at Round 14 1997-

            Goals    Behinds    Total     Score Shots

For            289         216        1950         505

Against       69          54           468         123

Kingston Wolves 2nd grade stats as at Round 18 1997-

            Goals    Behinds    Total     Score Shots

For            275         260        1910         535

Against      57           51           393         108


News from, in and around the traps

Queanbeyan defeated Belconnen in the Grand Final in a fine match.

Waynes World

With Wayne Daniell


It was a bright sunny winters day at Australian Catholic University when
Daniel Komarowski, came strolling around the corner to be greeted by the
sight of two blokes, oblivious to the rest of the world, as they kicked a
yelllow Tommy Sherrin back and forth contentedly. Excited at the rare sight
of someone at his Uni actually sharing the same passion for this great
Australian game as himself, Dan immediately appproached the boys and asked if he could join in. One thing led to another, and the footballing
chemistry between these three lads was just too much to resist. Within
three weeks of this fateful afternoon the Albury boys were were making
their way over to Kingston in anticipation of their first training run with
this fledgling, yet very proud club, whose reputation for winnig football
games had already been made abundantly clear to them.

As soon as they had walked into the sheds they had already been introduced
to "that man" Phil Gaynor. Upon inquiring as to where they were from, Phil
(or Doris to his mates) was quick to dub the two lads "The Albury Boys".
Kitted up and out on the hallowed turf of the Kingston oval for the very
first time, the two young men were eager to show what they had to offer the
club in hope of being granted a place on the teamlist within a few training
runs. Well, they must have produced one of the most stunning displays of
kick-to-kick ever witnessed, because it only took 5 minutes of this before
training and The Albury Boys were introduced to a bloke named Reg. It was
obvious to the boys from an early stage as to why they called him Reg. They
had been at the club about seven minutes and Reg already had two Reggo
forms stuck under their noses.

It took a while for the Albury boys to settle back into footy after a
substantial break from the game for both of them (one of the boys in
particular was facing a tremendous struggle to find any form of fitness).
However it didn't take long for the lads to break through for a game in
Braddles' Kingston 2 line-up (due completely to injuries). Both players had
a solid (yet not overwhelming) impact on the team in their first few forays
for the Wolves.

However, what could be regarded as strikingly overwhelming is the impact
the club had on the two yong men. It took them little time to realise that
making the decision to play for the Kingston Wolves was (in terms of both
on the field and off the field) indeed the smartest thing they had done in

The Albury Boys (being naive country lads) were crying out for guidance
from some of the more senior players around the club. The first of this
older brigade to answer the calls were Reg (or Brett Davis as he later
became known to the boys), Doris (taght them on field leadership), Sean
Mercer (taught them off field leadership), Ricky Jordan (taught them
courage under adversity), Spider (taught them the value of being a crazy
bastard) and Dean Davis (taught them how to cope with life in your brothers

Eventually, as time wore on the Albury boys were exposed to a lot more of
the characters that make up the Kingston Wolves. Along with these perfectly
smooth transition into the club (made possible by the receptiveness of
youth into the club by the senior players) came improved on field form.
22 year old Dean O'Brien was the standout of the two boys, as far as
footballing ability was concerned. Within five weeks of being at the club
he was picked in the ones (while his off-sider was still trying to complete
a lap at training without the neseccity of CPR). However, the younger of
the duo, 21 year-old Wayne Daniell sought guidance for his football from a
proven champion at Senior ranks. Daniell was to model his game upon that of
Andrew 'Bomber' Browne and the ploy had immediate effect. A positive form
reversal saw him gain selection in the seniors to replace the mercurial
Brian Morton. However, Uni of Canberra forfeited the match due to FEAR OF THE WOLVES PHENOMONON (or, more specifically a washout) and Daniell, who was focused beyond belief for the match, was left gameless and desolate.

The following week at training, the brilliant but hard-as-nails supercoach,
Wayne Kelty, told Daniell his ship had sailed, thereby sentencing him to a
finals series in the ressies. But this wasn't such a huge blow for the
young pup as he quickly realisedthat the 2's were just as big a certainty
for the flag as the ones.

O'brien has since gone on to put in a couple of dazzling quarters in the
seniors and is on the fringe of selection for a finals campaign.
The Albury Boys are now looking forward to their respective finals campaign
with great optimism and complete satisfaction with their decision to
represent the Kingston Wolves. It is clear that the ptide of the Wolves has
now been instilled in those two lovable larrikns from the bush.

                                    By Wayne Daniell.

A Quick phone call with REG

This week special guests are the affable Damon Bryce and the leg-end Mark Travers:


Name: Damon James Bryce


Occupation: Public Servant

Dream Car: A new one

Marital Status: Single

AFL Team: North Melbourne

Favourite AFL player: Dean Laidley

Food: Chicken Breast

Dislikes: Collingwood, Cheese, Difficult people

Football Achievements: R/up B&F Wolves 1996, 2 premierships Wolves 95, 97. Part of Belconnen 1 st grade only finals victory in 1990.

Two things underated in this world: Aussie Rules, Friendships.

Your last 10 dollars how would you spend it: Buy a packet smokes and a Kingsleys no 6 meal.


Name: Mark Brian Travers


Occupation: Public Servant

Dream Car: Jaguar XJC V 12

Marital Status: Married

AFL Team: Geelong

Favourite AFL player: Gary Ablett

Food: Lasange

Dislikes: House Fires

Two things underrated in this world: Families, Friendships.

Your last 10 dollars how would you spend it: On a wealth creation book.


This months special guest are goal scoring machines, vice captain Andrew Browne and Justin O'Shannassy

Name: Andrew Gordon Browne.


Occupation: Proud Public Servant

Dream Car: Bashed up Cordia Turbo

Marital Status: Single

AFL Team: North Melbourne

Favourite AFL player: Ross Glendining


Dislikes: Mondays experts

Achievements: 100 goals 4 times, J'Dea Medallist 1996, Kingston Wolves Vice Captain, 4 Premierships.

Two things underrated in this world: Sleep, a regular pay check.

Your last 10 dollars how would you spend it: Buy an Oz Lotto ticket.


Name: Justin O'Shannassy

DOB: 9/7/69

Occupation: Public Servant

Dream Car:1963 EH Holden

Marital Status: Married

AFL Team: Carlton

Favourite AFL player: Bruce Doul1

Food: Smoked Trout

Dislikes: Snobs

Two things underrated in this world: Sleep and more sleep.

Your last 10 dollars how would you spend it: Put petrol in the car and go fishing.

Here are some past guests we still think are OK. They are 1st grade coach Wayne Kelty and Jill Gaynor:


Name: Wayne James Kelty.

DOB:1/5/62 Occupation: Public Servant

Dream Car: Toyota Landcrusier Marital Status: Married with 2 children

AFL Team: Melbourne Demons

Favourite AFL player: Robert Flower


Dislikes: Carlton supporters Football.

Achievements: Ainslie 2nds Captain for 7 years, Holding the premiership cup aloft, Leading goalkicker 6 years, over 200 senior games for AFC.

Two things underrated in this world: Rec leave, a wood fire.

Your last 10 dollars how would you spend it: When in doubt back the top weight in the last.


Name: Jillian Gaynor

DOB: 9/7/69

Occupation: Public Servant

Dream Car: Sporty BMW

Marital Status: Single and waiting

AFL Team: Sydney Swans

Favourite AFL player: Paul Kelly

Food: Mums Roast Lamb

Dislikes: Secrets

Favourite Sports: Tennis, Aussie Rules

Two things underrated in this world: Sleeping in and going home to see the family.

Your last 10 dollars how would you spend it: Buy a lottery ticket.



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For The Intrepid or Sports Buff:

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Finals Draw

Ist Division:

Saturday 5 September - Elimination Semi Final

ANU.1. defeated  Belconnen

Sunday 6 September - Major Semi Final

Kingston defeated ADFA.

Saturday 12 September - Preliminary final

ADFA defeated ANU

Saturday 19 September - Grand Final

Kingston defeated ADFA

Report to date


2nd Division:

Saturday 5 September - Elimination Semi Final

Woden defeated ADFA.2.

Sunday 6 September - Major Semi Final

Belconnen  defeated  Kingston.

Saturday 12 September - Preliminary final

Kingston defeated Woden.

Saturday 19 September - Grand Final

Belconnen  defeated Kingston

Report to date


Starting times: - 2nd division -11.45 am -1st division - 2.30pm

Foreign Correspondent

News from a Wolf Overseas

This Story from the irrepressible Peter Allen

The news of the week over here has been sport and weather. First the weather update. Cyclone Keli came a little bit to close for comfort, causing some of the most amazing storms I've ever seen. We were half an hour away from operating the emergency contingency plans and putting up the cyclone shutters.

Now for sport, Invited guest at the $100 a head at the official Manu Samoa Rep Launch. Guest speaker Va'aiga Tuigamala - the highest paid transfer in rugby history, and now Manu Samoa legend - and a very enjoyable lunch was had by all. Next day was the test against Ireland. We flogged em 54 - 27. Three more tests in the next three weeks.

Unfortunately the wolves are not yet household names over here, although people always ask about the Tshirt. Have also seen a couple of blokes who would fit right at centre half forward.

Have been taking note of Aust racing and would have backed heaps of winners at Randwick and Flemington consistently - I hope (but have severe doubts) the Punters Club is flying as high!

Fa'a Lava o le samoa i sisifo


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