Let us write your home page for you.

Duff Web Services wishes to announce their new Web Page authoring and design service

We know as you surf the web how you wish you had your own personal home page to let the world know your alive too, or a page to extol the virtues of your business, small or large, to an ever increasing marketplace.

We know! We've been there. The best thing is we can help you.

Let us write you're home page and you'll be on the net in no time sharing your very own ideas with millions.

Our business is people. Our rates are very competitive and you may be supprised just how cheaply you can have your message presented to the world.

We know money doesn't grow on trees and are committed to having your page on the web as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Interested? Contact us via email and give yourself and the world some good news.

This page is currently under construction.