Goldfields of Tasmania

Tasmania is not a very rich source of gold, although reef mining, which started a century ago at Beaconsfield and Lefroy produced a resonable quota for four decades. Alluvial gold has been found mainly on the North-East of the island at Mathinna, Mangana, Alberton and Warentinna. Small alluvial nuggets have been found in both Savage River and around Lisle.
The areas listed below are where the major occurences of gold are found in Tasmania.

More specific detail regarding these areas can be obtained by using other reference sources including the relevant States Department of Mines and Energy. There are also several books which I recommend including:

Gold and Relics in Australia by Doug Stone
Gold Prospecting by Doug Stone
Lost Treasures by Kenneth W Byron

This page is updated by request so if you have a specific location you would like detail on please contact me via email.

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