Gold can be found by detecting too.

If you are lucky enough to live in Queensland or Western Australia it is easy enough to find information on where to search just by buying one of the Prospecting Bibles, (Gold And Ghosts) mentioned in my Where to Find Gold Page.

However, if you live in N.S.W you will have to rely on Government Departments for most of your information. That was up until now.

Below is a list of proclaimed goldfields that cover most of Northern N.S.W.
The dates shown are those when the field was Proclaimed, not discovered. The name of the County in which the goldfield lies, appears after the date.
All you need to do now is get out there, talk to the locals, find out where the oldtimers went and start panning.

Goldfields of Northern New South Wales.

  • Peel River (Duncan, Nundle and Dungowan Creeks)
    Feb 1853 - Parry
    About 45 Kms SSE of Tamworth
  • Puddlelock
    July 1877 - Sandon
    About 18kms NE of Armidale
  • Bingara (Bingara & Cowrongowan Creeks & Gwydir River)
    Feb 1853 - Murchinson
    About 12 Kms SE of Bingara
  • Cameron's Creek
    Sept 1877 - Sandon
    Near Urallla, Armidale
  • Spring Mount
    Sept 1877 - Sandon
    About 18kms South of Guyra
  • Uralla & Rocky River (Kentucky and Booroolong)
    Jun 1856 - Sandon
    About 36 Kms SW of Armidale
  • Timbarra or Fairfield
    May 1859 - Drake
    About 30kms NE of Tenterfield (about 15kms SW of Drake)
  • Barrington
    March 1878 - Gloucester
    About 36kms NW of Gloucester covering
    a large area
  • Tooloom & Tributaries
    Oct 1859 - Buller
    About 30kms N of Drake
  • Barrington Extension, as above
    April 1879 - Gloucester
  • Upper Hunter (Moonam, Omadale, Bell's,
    Steward's Brook and Page's Creek)

    About 66kms NE of Scone
  • Gloucester
    March 1879 - Macquarie-Durham-Gloucester
    About 30kms NW of Gloucester
  • Solferino
    Apr 1872 - Drake
    About 50kms SSE of Drake
  • Tooloom, as above
    Oct 1878 - Buller
  • Boorook or Lunatic
    May 1872 - Buller-Clive
    About 25kms NW of Drake
  • Ironbark or Tribundee
    Dec 1861 - Darling
    About 15kms NE of Barraba
  • Boyd or Little River
    May 1872 - Gresham
    About 75kms E of Glen Innes
  • Tia River
    April 1879 Vernon
    About 30kms E of Walcha
  • Upper Hunter - Sth Extension (see above)
    Oct 1827 - Durham
  • Nowendoc
    May 1879 - Maquarie-Durham-Gloucester
    About 75kms North of Gloucester
  • Cangai
    Jan 1873 - Gresham,Drake
    About 80kms E of Deepwater - Clarence River area
  • Glen Morrison
    Feb 1873 - Vernon
    About 20kms SSW of Walcha
  • Bingera, North East Extension
    May 1879 - Murchison
  • Nymboi & Chambigne
    Sept 1873 Gresham - Fitzroy
    About 45kms West of Grafton
  • Bingera, North West Extension
    Oct 1873 - Murchison
  • Yulgilbah
    Feb 1880 - Drake
    About 45kms South of Drake (Clarence River)
  • Bingera North Extension
    Feb 1882 - Murchison
  • Bora Creek
    June 1881 - Sandon
    Armidale Area
  • Orara
    August 1881 - Maquarie-Dudley-Raleigh
    Exact location not yet pin pointed
  • Ironbark or Tea Tree
    July 1875 - Darling
    About 30kms SE of Barraba
  • Torryburn
    Dec 1882 - Hardinge
    About 50kms West of Armidale
  • Hillgrove - Guyra River
    June 1883 - Sandon


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