Win_Crea Version History

17/01/2002Limited local distribution, Sydney, Australia
18/01/2002Small correction to Flood Fill
23/01/2002Printing: Allow size specification. Fix XP Problems
08/03/2002Add File\Overlay.
Improve Colour Palette handling
27/03/2002Printing: More XP problems.
Add Paste Special
10/05/2002Made generally available through OzMKers
22/05/2002XP Printing final(?).
BMP and WMF loading.
More Colour palette handling
23/05/2002Palette selection malfunction corrected
30/05/2002Palette handling re-organization.
Further XP printing.
Line and Rectangle tools.
Sundry other bugs.
27/06/2002Bug Fix: Pattern Rectangle - start on left or top edge
Bug Fix: Pattern Rounded Rectangle - error if too large
Bug Fix: Status line error on right to left drawing of selection rectangle
Bug Fix: Buffer overflow in CUT file saving in some cases
Addition: More-Than-4-Colours support
Change: Row limit increased to 255. Row numbering from bottom.
Addition: Console Memory Overflow Warning message
01/11/2002Bug Fix: Pattern Text - extend to top row
Improvement: Pattern scrolling
Addition: Stretch or shrink whole pattern, or rectangular section
Addition: Saving of colour palettes in PAL format
28/12/2003Bug Fix: Colour sequence change for more than four colours
Sundry minor improvements and corrections
26/12/2004Bug Fix: Insert Rows and Columns - allow one pattern dimension at its limit
Bug Fix: Read-Only files readable
07/02/2005Bug Fix: Remove computer hanging in Pattern Text or Arrow Key Area Change after pattern scrolling
18/01/2006Bug fix: Error messages in File/New for some users
Bug fix: Faulty display in Settings/E6000 and Settings/Colour Palette for some users
Improvements: Sundry minor
24/04/2007Bug fix: Out of range error on crossing left or top pattern boundary while drawing
16/11/2007Bug fix: Nuisance messages with long file and/or folder names
03/12/2007Bug Fix: Program start-up failure for some users
10/07/2009Method of installation altered
01/02/2013Help file: Access changed - through default Web browser
Source code: Now available

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