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This website is dedicated to the crew of R.A.A.F 460 Squadron Lancaster EE138 Coded AR-E2  E for “Easy”

On the 4th of September 1943 while returning to RAF Binbrook Airbase after a raid on Berlin, Lancaster EE138 was shot down by a Luftwaffe night fighter over Stadil, Denmark 

The crew of 8 men in EE138 managed to steer the damaged Lancaster away from the village of Stadil before it crashed on the edge of the Vest Stadil Fjord. To this day, all but one of the men remain within the fuselage of their plane, buried in the soft ground of the once marshy perimeter of the fjord.

In October of 2004, the crash site was visited by a crew member’s relative.  At that time it was very evident just how much appreciation and care was shown in the immaculate presentation of the garden, the memorial stone and surrounds at the EE138 crash site.  This was in stark contrast to a degraded information plaque which had been erected nearby in 1993 as a part of the 50th Commemoration. This plaque was not only out of place, but contained totally inaccurate information about the demise of EE138.

Again, in the middle of October 2004 another crew relative visited the Svinø cemetery where the only recovered remains of an EE138 crew member is interned, the poor state of repair of that grave site and headstone prompted a request to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission for the grave and stone to be repaired.

As a result of the 2004 visits, a project was initiated in Australia to have the accurate, officially documented historical facts surrounding the loss of EE138 presented in 3 languages at the crash site, and to include more detailed information about the crew of EE138 and 460 Squadron. This project was finally realised with the support of the Australian Government and Danish officials in time for the 65th Commemoration in September 2008.

The Hon. Alan Griffin MP, Australian Minister for Veterans' Affairs said the story behind the Stadil memorial in Denmark was a powerful reminder of the courage of Australians who served and died overseas.

“The Stadil memorial was built by the local community 65 years ago, and was dedicated to the eight airmen who died when their Lancaster Bomber was shot down near the town."

The airmen, four of whom were Australians, managed to steer the damaged Lancaster away from the village before it crashed, saving many lives, but not their own. As a mark of gratitude and respect, the local community erected a wooden cross at the crash site, and later a plaque, which they have tended over the years."


Above photo courtesy Mr D Stewart, 4th September 2008.

4th September 2008 new plaques unveiled at the site - see 65th Commemoration page for more images.

5th of May 1950 - Celebrating the fifth year of Denmark's Day of Liberation by unveiling the memorial stone at the EE138 crash site.



After 65 years, the legendary RAAF 460 Squadron has been reformed. Click on these links to read about this event in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Canberra Times

Copyright Canberra Times 2010

Click on the images below to see photos and stories from the Alsang Evening on the 4th May and new images from the Stadil EE138 crash site commemoration on the 5th May 2010.


The above in flight photo taken of possibly EE138 kindly provided by Robert Spence – son of Sgt John Spence the Bomb Aimer on Robin McPhan’s 460 Squadron Lancaster. Click here for more photos and details surrounding the day and circumstances this photo was taken.

A photo of the EE138 crash site (late July 2009) provided by Mrs Jean Stevens (cousin of crewmember Jowett) from her recent visit to Denmark. Click here for an account of her visit and more photos.

The Above photo is kindly provided by Mrs J E Woobey (nee Rolfe) the daughter of the late Sgt. Arthur Rolfe. After persistent research by Mrs A Storm in the UK, relatives of crew member Rolfe have finally been located and contacted. This follows numerous unsuccessful attempts over many years by both crew relatives and official enquiries.

Click on the above photo to see images from the 31st May 2009, Bomber Command Wreath Laying Service - Adelaide, South Australia.

25th April 2009, 460 Squadron members preparing for the Anzac Day March in Adelaide, South Australia - Lest we forget.



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