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My Bio Page!

A real cool dude?Well, as if you are really interested in this stuff. Thats me the distinguished looking gent on the right. I was born under a restless star in 53, and have an insatiable thirst for open air, sunshine and red sand. Unfortunately I moved to the city too many years ago, and am stifled and frustrated by the regulated lifestyle of suburbia.

I have been riding motorcycles most of my life, and I have currently ride a 1600ccYammaha RoadStar that has replaced the old faithfull Honda VF1000F2 that served me well for so many years. That at least provides the means to free the shackles of the city at every opportunity. If only there were more such opportunities.

I am just a big wimp at heart, I love poetry, particularly Australian bush ballads (oh you had noticed that had you), I guess that has something to do with my love of the country. Have you ever noticed how some people can never see the beauty that surrounds them. Even the most desolate parts of Australia have a beauty that I guess can only truly be appreciated by those who have the vision and the love for this wonderous land.

OK thats enough of this, go back and read some poetry, the poets have a far better command of the pen (keyboard), than I ever will.

. . . may you always be blessed with a full tank, the sun on your face and a gentle following breeze!

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