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The Guide

Sturt Desert Pea, Port Hedland


Tour 10: Port Hedland to Exmouth

A word of warning!

You may have heard of bees attacking people who steal honey, but have you heard of bees swarming people for water? On the way to Mt Bruce from Weano Gorge we had stopped for lunch in a dry creek bed.

It was late in the dry season and water was scarce. As we prepared to make lunch a bee began buzzing over our water bottles. We continued to make our sandwiches but more bees were gathering around, the number increasing rapidly. The air was becoming a buzz.

Unhappy with the inaccessibility of our water bottles they decided our sweaty arms and legs would be sufficient to quench their thirst, so they began landing on any bare skin. Usually we enjoy getting close to nature, but having numerous bees crawling on us was horrible. To avoid being stung we were forced to move very carefully, somewhat resembling moon walking.

We packed up hoping they wouldn’t sting us all at once and after what seemed an eternity we climbed on our bikes and rode away. Finally we lost them, with only one sting.

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