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The Guide


The Guide

Riding into the open plain, Karanji NP, WA

Kangaroo Paw


The Australian Outback offers you an experience like no other. Wonderful, ancient places are guarded by the challenges of distance, climate and terrain.

About This Travel Guide

The concept of this guide was inspired by our own tour around Australia in 1999/2000. It basically provides everything we wish we knew when we were out there without taking away the adventure. Added to this is an environmental focus reflecting our own professional backgrounds.

The guide answers those logistical questions such as “Which route should I take?” “Where can I camp?” “Is there water and food?” and “What is there to see?” Finding out as much as you can before leaving will help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Climate, safety and hazards are of particular importance. Good planning makes all the difference.

Are you up for the adventure?


Daintree | Great Barrier Reef | The Gulf Track | Kakadu | Kimberly | Gibb River Road | The Pilbara | Ningaloo | Shark Bay | Rottnest Island